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  1. I have a 2" Baader Hyperion 36mm which I find to be excellent, I would highly recommend this
  2. I want to start going to dark-field sites for better images now, so will need to purchase a power tank. However I need to run in parallel my telescope (CPC800) and my Dell laptop so that I can orientate and follow where I'm looking on Stellarium. So the problem is the telescope needs a 12V supply and my Dell laptop needs a 20V supply - are there portable powertanks that can supply both of these voltages, or do I need some sort of booster/adaptor of some kind? Any feedback/advice would be appreciated.
  3. Welcome to SGL - from Devon in the UK
  4. Hello there, and welcome to SGL - I'm from mid-Devon (Cullompton area)
  5. I have 2 pairs of Binos a 10x50 Celestron, and a 10x30 Canon Image Stabiliser. The contrast is very significant - the Canon are very light, ultra-sharp and the image stabilization just makes viewing an absolute pleasure - the image just magically smoothes, no shaking, allowing for much more precision and ease with the scanning. Their ease of use and image quality more than makes up for the smaller lens. I can regularly spot and image M13 and M31 in the Canons, Albireo splits beautifully and for star-hopping and orientation - and for just learning the night sky, I thoroughly recommend the Canons. I know they are not cheap, but considering the many, many hours I spend learning and observing the night sky with them, the Canons are worth every penny in my opinion.
  6. Welcome David - I'm from mid- Devon
  7. Hello there, and welcome to SGL - it's a great website...
  8. At a recent astronomy open day they had a nice demo of a prism splitting sunlight and showed the refraction patterns with the black bars among the spectra. Since moonlight is really reflected sunlight - does it actually show identical refraction patterns, or has something been absorbed or changed by virtue of the light hitting the Moon and then passing onto the Earth?
  9. Hi Perry - welcome to SGL. I'm also quite new to astronomy (6 months now) and have learnt a lot from this website. I'm from Mid Devon by the way...
  10. I know this posts flies against the grain of several recent SGL reports, but I just want to share my experience. I've been looking to buy a decent planetary eyepiece and had been mainly looking into Televue and Pentax 5-6mm options - they come at a steep price though. Then I picked up that several people were raving about the TMB 6mm EP, and the price was about 1/3rd-1/4th the cost - so I plumped for one. My scope is the Celestron CPC800 (8" aperture, with 2032mm FL), and I already have Baader Hyperion 36mm and Celestron Axiom 10mm EPs. The TMB 6mm would give me 338x magnification, the Axion 203x. Anyhow, the TMB EP arrived last week and on 2 consecutive nights I spent several hours focusing in on Jupiter and making comparisons. On the 2nd night, conditions were absolutely perfect and my main viewing time was from midnight -2.00am in the morning. With the Axiom 10mm, Jupiter was very sharp and crisp in focus, I could easily see nice precise banding and the moons were also nicely in focus with deep black background fields. Switching to the TMB 6mm was disappointing - Jupiter was about 50% bigger, but the image was not sharp at all. I took a long time tweaking very gently the focusing, but over the 2 hour period could never see any sharpness or clear resolution. The moons also were somewhat fuzzy and as I switched back-forth with the Axiom, I began to appreciate just how good the Axiom actually was. I'm not saying that the TMB 6mm is a bad EP, maybe I had a duff one, or maybe on my CPC800 pushing to 338x was beyond it's limit, but I have since returned the TMB and got a refund.
  11. Welcome Rob, nice first scope you have there...
  12. I'd also go for the Nexstar 6SE - it gets very good reviews, simple to use, not too heavy, and an impressive piece of kit
  13. Martin-Devon


    Hi Chris, and welcome to SGL
  14. Hello Rick and welcome to SGL...
  15. I'll take a look, sounds good. I have "The Backyard Astronomers Guide" which sounds quite similar in content and i found this an excellent read
  16. As a beginner, I like Sky-at Night and have a subsciption - nice balance between basics (which I need), UK adverts which I like to browse and more astro specialst stuff. I found their web forum pretty poor though, was much more impressed with SGL
  17. Great viewing conditions last night, but increasingly cold, and dew was a perpetual problem. As usual the binos start with the problem, I don't know why, but by 11.00pm, I had to keep continuously wiping the lenses. Then the eyepiece on the scope started misting up. I wiped it gently a few times with soft tissue paper to dry, but was worried that this might actually be doing some damage - I keep reading that the coatings are very delicate. I know that sooner or later I have to get some heated dew strips, but this must become a nuisance if you often change the EPs, and I still have to get my head around how these heated strips would all rig up around the EPs, end of the scope and the power source needed. So my question - is it actually harmful to wipe the surface of the eyepieces with a soft tissue?
  18. Welcome to SGL - try M13 as well, easy to spot and equally spectacular
  19. Welcome to SGL - you'll enjoy scanning through the links each day...
  20. HI StarGazer, welcome - I also joined a few montsh ago as a beginner, and already have picked up lots of really useful information and help from this website. People are very knowledgeable and helpful on SGL.
  21. Welcome to SGL from me also....
  22. Hello David - welcome - I'm a bit further South in Devon
  23. Hello Spudd, I've had a CPC800 now for 6 months, and it has been superb. I always use the 3-star alignment over the other shorter methods, and I think this helps. Normally all of the GoTO points I request are bang in the middle of the EP. The only exception was when I used 3 stars that were fairly close together - when I went outside of these to find something, then on occassions it was at one right towards the edge of the view. Normally though, with 3 well separated stars it has been impecabble. Welcome to SGL though...
  24. Welcome Mark - lots to pick up on this great website
  25. Martin-Devon


    Welcome Neil - I can tell you, there are more rain clouds in the South West! Been a dreadful few weeks for viewing herte. I'm set up right now, hoping the clouds will eventually pass over tonight.
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