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  1. Nice capture Steve, good star colour and nebulosity coming through. Martin
  2. Yes, it's a big one, and if skies allowed another couple of panels would have done the job. As it is though, you have the bulk of the target. I think that both the greyscale and colourized versions look good, I tried several different routes to get to the latter on mine. Not sure if you used the reducer or not your set-up for this image. The resolution is good quality though as seen with your high resolution version, and tomorrow night apparently may offer some clear skies again in the SW, so think whether you have a shot at the other panels. Martin
  3. I like both versions, the colour one has great star colour and makes for a more complete image in my view, but possibly the detail & resolution seem sharper in the HA only. Good result though. Martin
  4. Nice detail, and a good example, I would just pull the magenta back a tad especially on the background sky. Martin
  5. Yes I like this one a lot, sharp detail in the horse, and smooth rolling nebulosity behind - great combination. Martin
  6. Another thumbs-up for the Lakeside motor focuser, I've had mine for about 3 years now and it's transformed the accuracy of my focusing. The other bonus of course is that the Lakeside is fully compatible with all the software packages to automate the focusing, I use mine with Focusmax (via Maxim) and CCD Commander. Martin
  7. That's really deep with the H-alpha, which takes this image to another level - beautiful rendition of this target. Martin
  8. Yep, looks great Chris, if the skies are favourable ahead, maybe see if you can add OIII to this as well since it makes a lovely bicolour image. Martin
  9. You've done amazingly well to get 10 hours of data here, and the detail/resolution benefit a lot from this - lovely palette and processing also. Martin
  10. New one to me - but that's a very nice image, looks great. Martin
  11. You've done well here Chris since this is very low in UK skies, and really hard to pick-up among the murk at that level. Good colour, although the use of 4x4 binning will have detracted somewhat from the resolution since the combined pixels will be huge. Admittedly this is only a short imaging run, but if you get a chance for a longer run have a shot at 1x bin. Overall though a very good result. Martin
  12. That's come out very nicely, well done.
  13. Thanks again for the comments from everybody. Gorann, you were asking about the framing - it was indeed very tricky with this target. Although plate solving got the image roughly in the middle of my CCD chip, the nebula is so very faint that it was really difficult to see where the boundaries were. Normally I would do a 30 second or 2 minute 2xbin exposure to get a quick very rough outline, but Simeis 147 is so very faint that nothing showed up, and there's no signal at all in LRGB, it's just H-alpha. So I had to resort to several 10min 2xbin subs in H-alpha, stacking, and stretching heavily with curves just to see the borders. Then a small movement to readjust, followed by another set of the same downloads to see the new framing and move again as necessary. It took me quite some time actually to get the framing as I wanted it! Martin
  14. Zedds, laudropb, Paul & Tom - many thanks for your comments, much appreciated. Martin
  15. Dave, I've had download issues before as well and know how irritating it can be. In my case I had to route the USB cable from the CCD through a powered hub, and some worked better than others. Not sure how you are rigged-up, but if you are not using a powered hub, give it a try. Martin
  16. This is certainly not the finest version of Simeis 147, the image is just 7 x 20 min 1xbin H-alpha taken on January 7th - it needs much more data to do it proper justice and it's noisy as a result. This is a single frame not a mosaic, and I've 'colourized' the H-alpha filaments in red, which I appreciate may not be to everybody's taste but it's makes a change from the usual greyscale. Not sure now whether to go deeper with this one, or move onto another target. At the moment I have just a single narrowband filter, the H-alpha 50mm, so cannot do any Hubble palette images though. Still getting to learn how to use this Moravian G4-16000 CCD, I spent several wasted hours the night this was taken before it clicked that (at least on my set-up) to get reproducible downloads the CCD USB cable must go through a powered hub. Anyhow, steep learning curve, and thanks for looking. Martin
  17. I've always struggled with this one in LRGB, but your version looks really good - it's a rich H-alpha target though and if you can acquire this it will likely lift the image further. Martin
  18. Nice image given the small amount of data - star and galaxy colour very good also, looks promising and I'd encourage you to add more data if possible. Martin
  19. Despite the silica gel matter, the image has come out well - there's good colour in the stars and decent definition in the nebula; if you can get some HA this will boost further the detail and resolution so let's see what weather conditions the next week has in store. Martin
  20. That's a lovely version of this target, the colour palette works a treat. Martin
  21. Getting 15 hours of LRGB, dodging moonlight & ever-present clouds, is exceptional and shows real dedication - the results speak for themselves - a wonderful image full of "wow" factor. Martin
  22. That's coming on a treat Rob - looks superb. Martin
  23. That's a really nice first light - lovely detail and lots of contrast - great result. Martin
  24. Hi Chris, this is all at native imaging, no reducer is used - fortunately the Tak106 has a massive 88mm imaging circle and can handle these full frame chips, whereas the babyQ (Tak85) would struggle here. The 50mm square filters are amazing, I have the Astrodon LRGB set and a single 5nM Astrodon H-alpha filter so far - the prices are shocking though! The flats show a little vignetting, but it's fairly minimal and easily corrected with flats. I think it helped also that I kept the imaging train at M72 from the Tak stock focuser right up to the M68 OAG, where I had to order a custom-made adaptor from PreciseParts in USA to link it all together. Appreciate your interest and comments. Martin
  25. Thanks everybody for your comments & feedback. Barry - at the moment I'm just getting used to exploring several targets to see what fits in. I've had a quick look at Simeis 147 (SH2-240) and amazingly it all fits in nicely into a single frame, so if the weather breaks, I may have a pop at this one. I recall spending around 8 nights over the Christmas period of 2014 trying to put together a 9 panel mosaic of Simeis 147 and failed miserably since conditions and level of Moonlight varied greatly from night-to-night making consistent quality & gradients a huge issue. Chris - this image was taken just with the Moravian CCD, there was no DSLR lens or similar bolted on - I know that some folk successfully use hybrids of a CCD/DSLR lens but there's no need for that with this CCD since it's a full frame chip of 36.9 x 36.9mm. There's lots to still bolt down and optimize with this new set-up though. The Moravian 7-position filter wheel takes 50mm square filters, and I still need to order the rest of the narrowband set before I can do any colour images; the motorized filter wheel itself is very reasonably priced though, just a tad more than the Atik EFW2, yet it's the size of a dinner plate! The supplied Moravian OAG also works very well with my current Lodestar guider, and guiding traces in Maxim were remarkably good, so as a package the Moravian OAG/FW/CCD goes together very nicely. Martin
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