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  1. I thought I'd make a little post about this as today I noticed the sky safari pro software was half price! £20.99 on the App store yeah I thought WOW gonna grab me this one. Since I've been wanting it for a while now... A real bargain since £42 a bit steep for some software If you got the free version and love it this is a huge update I don't know if this offer is just for today only but I'd say grab it while u can! More info can be found on the App store there is also a plus version which is also a little cheaper than normal Heather(Newcastle upon tyne Astronomical Society)
  2. the Odeon cinema are having a IMAX film festival around the UK this September showing this film/doc for £4.60 at certains elected cinemas heres the link ODEON - Hubble IMAX 3D - Tickets | Film Trailer | Preview | Release Date I got tickets and looking forward to this in all its glory.
  3. thanks again for a warm welcome to the forums, can anyone makes these clouds over newcastle go away please?
  4. thanks again guys i wish these clouds would clear up
  5. Wow so many replies you all are a friendly bunch arnt you thanks alot makes me feel so welcome and I can now officialy say "we call astronomy" Yeah we have met before Mark lol but your picture is not what i remeber you that night lol. maybe thats your weekend picture? Hi M tweedy i am certainly enjoying the astro trac hopefully i have a good image soon for you See all you guys amonst the posts and the stars in the sky Heather
  6. Hello SGL I just wanted to say Hi as I have yet to post on the forum, all though i have been intentively looking through threads and trying to gain some insight into this wonderful Art in the sky above us. you call Astronomy! Recently found hobby for me and absolutly amazed at what you can see with the naked eye outside the city and I have to admit I am loving every minute of it. I just purchased an astro trac about a month ago and what a brilliant piece of kit. Infact this weekend if its clear skies i am going try some 5 min exposures which i will post and hope for some advice to all the gurus of astro trac out there. I know Ive a lot to learn but this forum is a great start and is helping me achieve my goal. Heather
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