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  1. Sounds like a plan, ill look into it. Cheers
  2. In my opinion, light pollution should be seen as a nuisance in the same way noise is. Its not just us with an urge to look up into the night sky who are affected, my Daughter had trouble sleeping because of poor lamp positioning, and her sleepless nights affected us all. The Local Councils are useless, banging on about saving energy and moaning at us to be greener yet they continually waste electricity night after night by having these Lamps unshaded, when they could be using less energy by economically reflecting light. I complained for weeks to get the lamp in question moved/changed and NEVER recieved any reply. So i bought myself a Gas Charged air rifle and 'sorted' it myself. Its been out for ages now and if and when the council replace it, i'll shoot it again. Problem solved.. My daughter now sleeps better than she ever has, and i get uninterrupted views of the night sky. And for some strange reason (cant think why) the neighbours who used to look at me like a was some weirdo have now stopped and give me nods and the odd hello. Uncanny... I know its NAUGHTY to take matters into your own hands but doing nothing about light pollution is CRIMINAL!
  3. Hi all, i was looking for a new eyepiece to go with the two standard EP's i have coming with my new scope soon. I have a 10mm and 25mm for my new 200p. I thought it would be a good idea to get something inbetween these so opted for a 19mm Flat field. Now, these arent cheap and one company that 'knock' these out are asking stupid money (£180ish!!) for theres. Orion 1.25in. Edge-On Telescope Eyepieces | Orion Telescopes So after looking all over flea-bay for anything similar for a better price i saw something that caught my eye. I gave the seller a ring and lo and behold, i managed to grab one for around the £50 mark. It came this morning and to say im happy is an understatement. I threw the new EP in an old Catadioptric scope i have and compared it to the old EP's that came with it, and was blown away. I know when it comes to this Electronic shop its a case of caveat emptor, but what a find. And, hes got more.. 8, 12, 16, 19 and 27mm. So. like the age old adage states.. 'seek and ye shall find' LOL
  4. Hi everyone, firstly id like to thank all of you for making me feel so welcome to this fantastic forum. I dont think ive ever read or learned so much about anything just from reading through members posts, especially about equipment. For all the help ive had i am eternally grateful. A quick update, i WILL be buying a a Skywatcher 200p from FLO on or around Sept. 8th. In preparation for this ive got my self a new planisphere (old one was very well used and in two pieces) and star charts/maps, a compass, a laser collimator and this morning received a spanking 19mm Flat field EP which looks amazing, really well constructed and worth every one of the £51's (i hope!!) All i have left to get right now is a Wixey Angle gauge and im set. I cant wait to get my new scope which will arrive just after ive moved into my new house, and will keep you all posted as to how i get on with my new toy. I think its safe to say that you can all expect some serious brain picking too. Thanks again for all your welcomes, hoping you get clear skies.
  5. oops, posted in the wrong place.
  6. Wow, some good advice, and really useful tips too. Thank you for your help, ive just ordered the Collimator and it should arrive in a few days. If it is out of allignment ill do what i can to remedy this myself, but if its not no doubt ill be pestering you guys for help hopefully though it will be fine. Thanks again.
  7. Thank you for your help, Im going to go with a laser collimator so i can tweak my scope whilst out observing in the dark. Ive found a skywatcher Collimator with 1.25" and 2" adapter for £35 on Ebay. Should be here in a few days.
  8. Hi guys, im buying a Dob 200p very soon and in preparation for this im about to buy a Collimator. Ive found one at FLO but was wondering if its for use with the scope im getting. Its the Cheshire Collimating eyepiece, Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if its a noobish question.
  9. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome, im very pleased to meet you all. Thank you for the feedback and advice on the back of which im going to get the Skywatcher 200p, and maybe the celestron eyeopener EP set. Hopefully get some good views with these. I will keep you all posted as and when i get my new 'toy' Expect some very excited posts closer to the date!
  10. Hi moonlander, thanks for your feedback. Im still quite new to all this, and this will be my first 'dob'. I dont think ill be imaging just yet, but no doubt later on it will something for me to consider. hopefully by that time ill have saved enough to buy shares in Hubble
  11. Very nice scope, was looking at one earlier today. I have decided to get the Skywatcher Dobsonian 200p. So unless someone can steer me away from it, Ill have it next month. And i cant wait!
  12. Hi mayberts, thank you for the welcome. Im near Avonmouth. not the best place for night time viewing, light pollutions a real hindrance here, but im lucky enough to be close to the Severn bridge, so a quick drive to Chepstow Park in South Wales makes all the difference. Some amazing sights over there with very dark skies.
  13. jamie@bristol


    Hello folks, my name is Jamie and i live in Bristol, UK. Like many Ive always been fascinated with the night sky. About 10 years ago i bought a celestron newtonian telescope and while it was adequate i always wanted to see more. I learned how to use a planisphere and compass and enjoy the work inolved in reading my way around the night sky. Im trying to decide which scope to buy in a months time (a birthday present from my amazingly patient fiancee) and have been drawn to the Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian. Any feedback about the quality and optical power would be greatly appreciated.
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