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  1. Hi Doc, Im one from Nott'm (West Bridgford). Welcome to the forum. :sunny:
  2. Welcome to the forum, youngblood. 8) Where abouts in Notts is Bloxwitch, mate? :shock:
  3. Thanks for the reminder, Akyra Will watch that, maybe Inv. of Bodysnatchers too. I'll be cuddling my Teddy in bed tonight, after that! Sir Patrick Moore & Donald Sutherland in one night 8)
  4. "Lines join in faint discord and the Stormwatch brews, a concert of Kings as the white sea snaps at the heels of a soft prayer, whispered" Welcome to the forum, Stormwatch. REGULUS
  5. As rob say's, it will improve. A little is in order!
  6. Its got me confused, too I would imagine 24 aH has got to be external, of some sort If the computer consumed 2Amps per hr, that battery would last 12hrs. The battery on this/my laptop is a NIMH 4400mah battery, i can use it for about 2hrs playing, say, a DVD etc..., thats a battery less than 1/2 an aH.
  7. Sorry to hear about this mcut. I started looking for astro telescopes via the photography shop route. London Camera Exchange have a fair degree of knowledge regards birdwatching/terrestrial scopes etc... Theyve been selling them for a few years now. Theyre NOT ASTRONOMY people though, like Jacobs of Leicester! I nearly went the way of a 'no name' reflector from Jacobs, got the impression they didnt know what they were selling & had second thoughts :insects1: Found out more from the internet & forums like this one , folks here wont send you wrong. Simon @Widescreen & Ian @ Rother Va
  8. you should get a look at it in the early hours, quite large & bright. Looks a bit as Venus does by eye, not quite as bright but non twinkle. Viewing not brilliant just now in general, atmosphere.
  9. Saw Jupiter rising last night, went to bed a little after midnight, looked at stellarium. Didnt sleep brilliantly, got up & had another look! :shock: At 3-20am it had risen more than I had expected, viewed it through bino's, moon was decending well towards the horizon.
  10. Planned to maybe have a binocular peek at Jupiter early hours this Saturday just passed. Not likely to rise very high above the horizon this year, unfortunately. Was clouded out by 11pm! Better viewing tonight,a bit breezy around Nott'm. Had a good look at Mizar directly above tonight, split it easily with my WO scope. Awkward viewing angle. :shock:
  11. Great image. 8) Seen similar aspect of moon tonight myself, been out with IDAS till 10-30pm, clouded out after
  12. As Celestron & Skywatcher & probably all the Chinese scopes are all made in the same factory, why are people saying "why Celestron?" I keep hearing opinions that the Skywatcher mounts are superior to the Celestron ones, mind you.
  13. you will find that unless you are using your scope for terrestrial viewing ( in daylight outside viewing, say: a distant landmark) it wont matter whether the image is upside down or 'back to front', it may not make a direct comparison with a view from a book, does that matter? People on here dont correct/invert their photo's that are posted, I think you'll find (they will correct me if I'm wrong ) Does what I say make any sense??
  14. I agree with GazOC, well worth setting up a decent aperture scope/mount. Surprised he can pick up his 150mm ref.. + HEQ5 in one go! :shock:
  15. A hot wire cutter cuts foam well
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