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  1. Thanks for the replies. The views were really nice - but I don't live there anymore:cry:. By the docks was a great spot for watching the Perseid shower a couple of years ago. Thanks again for information
  2. Hi Col I am not 100% sure:rolleyes:. The camera has logged 1.50am. I am not 100% sure the time was right, but I am fairly sure the date was ok. As a reference, the picture from the day previous at the same part of the sky (slighty more West) was logged at 23.26pm. According to timeanddate.com - sunset was 21.22pm that day. Reference pic
  3. Thank you for the warm welcome:).
  4. I was browsing through some old pictures and bumped into these. Taken from the balcony, facing north from the South of the River Stour. I thought (from inside) it was light pollution from Ipswich. But once on the Balcony noticed the detail. My apologies for the poor shot, I only had a pocket camera available. Was there a large solar flare around this time? 22nd June 2006
  5. Hi everyone. Just a little hello from a newb. I don't even have a set of binoculars, but do have an interest in all things astro. Looking forward to browsing your forum - even have a little question, but I'll pop that up in a relevant section;)
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