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  1. I used Nichrome wire for my "integrated dewstrip" and used this site as a good guide
  2. fair to say I'd have never have worked that one out on my own so cheers !! I can stop tweaking all the PC settings now
  3. PAUL YOU STAR !!!!!! Thank you very much !
  4. Umm apart from v9.xxx I don't get a 32 bit option for v10 ??? just to make things even worse- when I run v9 on the PC & v 10 on the lappy for same location time etc I get different results ?????????????????? Argh!!
  5. it lives in the 64 bit Program folder in the lappy and yes that's 7 too
  6. I've moved over to a 64 bit W7 system and so far so good with all the critical stuff but I've just come to install WinJupos and inspite of numerous attempts/uninstalls and re-installs it just won't run. I automatically goes into the (x64) program folder (I've even tried putting it in the (x86) folder but it won't have that!). I've run it as Administrator, because I'm also the only listed user and still no joy- strange thing is that it d/loaded and installed straight off the bat on the lappy ( also 64bit) without so much as a peep. If anyone has any ideas then please let me know
  7. possibly, but from memory I don't recall the HEQ5 Pro suffering the same problem .................so Gunnar are these to be made available ?
  8. umm, I'm with you. I just discovered ( yes I know abit slack of me but hey I was faffing ) that my first 6 data sets were running at f36.x !! which is over 10m fl in C11- no wonder I had a hard time !! but I drew one back to the equivalent size of about f28 and thinks it looks better see what u think http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/163122-jupiter-grs-220912/#entry1648270
  9. Data taken from earlier in the day to the Ganymede shot. Here I've included an equivalent size image to f28( approx because i just discovered I was operating at F36.xx ( over 10m focal length) which I personally think is waaay too much unless seeing is near PERFECT! then there's another.....and then it's time to look fwd to another opportunity
  10. cheers guys. Aye it's true we're still early in the apparition- but I was so dog tired when I started processing so was disappointed to see the lack of real potential- tho I did have an idea whilst watching the screen. Well it's time to await the next clear evening. I really hope you sort out your probs ASAP Neil
  11. thanks guys- you know how to perk a chap up ! Still got 1/2 doz data sets to work thru once I get some spare time, so we'll see what's in the bag, but I don't recall any wow moments.
  12. 30Gb of data from 3:50 to 5:30 and seeing just never perked up Must say I'm really enjoying everyone elses' tho they've been some spectacular images.
  13. Superb captures you've got there Simon, well done !
  14. XLNT Freddy ! loving it !!
  15. Quite pleased ???? So you ought to be !! cracking shots Stuart and I particularly like the one I never got ( ), the one with Io , Calisto & Ganymede top shot !!
  16. shame I missed it too but felt lots better when, after a friend had been banging on about " what sort of astronomer are you ???", I heard it was just space junk ! I had TBH suspected it was judging from the the patterns it made during re-entry on the footage
  17. Class ! XLNT capture ! I'll need to check on mine but your seeing seems to have been better-well done ,lovely !
  18. The d/size version for me Neil- very tasty indeed -well done mate, hope you got out this a.m. !
  19. didn't see any fireball tho caught a few satellites and a bright meteorite flare the other night- packing up about 1/2 hr ago I'm sure I just caught the back end of the ISS. Seeing mediocre-good at times. Transferring data we'll see later how good/bad it is.
  20. scope cooling , all set lots to look at tonight re Joop, be sure to be out at 6am Calisto and Ganymede & Io
  21. Cheers Neil, ........"will be 42 arsecs soon" great isn't it ?? I've moved my kit on mass further down the garden -the benefits are an earlier start with views to the east but as Joop rises it will clear the tree completely and I'll be able to shoot continuously thru culmination if needs be. Shame I couldn't/ didn't put the pier there in the first place but then the tree wasn't as tall etc .....
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