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  1. Hi, did you by any chance have any luck with the Tal 100 collimation? I have the same problem and not sure how to go about adjusting the 3 little grub screws. Have trawled net without success. Cheers
  2. Many thanks to you Andy and also the other guys for all the help.Cheers Paul
  3. Just tried to e-mail Yuri without success unfortunately, comes back not delivered bad address etc. Thanks anyway will keep looking, 0.3mm seems too much, maybe 0.03 mm? Paul
  4. Thanks a lot guys for all the help, will e-mail uran and post reply if I get one. Paul
  5. Hi All, wonder if anybody can help on this one. Have just picked up a used Tal 100r that is in ok condition and at a guess about 8yrs old. The 3 x 120deg metal spacers that form the air gap on all the Tal 100`s I have seen are not present, does anyone know if some 100r`s were produced without spacers and this is normal? Also there are Newton rings round and central in the objective which suggest tight spacing I would think. If it does need spacers I have some thin ally foil 0.005". 0.14mm that I could use. Have trawled the net for articles on 100r /rs refurb but without luck. any help appreciated. Paul
  6. france79uk

    100 1668

    Hi Andy, Love owning my Tal Alkor , TalM, Tal1, and 2M scopes. Could you please help? my Tal 2M has a greased clutch (not motor clutch) this makes it almost unusable unless adjusted right up. have removed grease and just put a mere Tad of v heavy grease on now and it seems ok. Should these clutches be greased please? I hope you will be able to advise correct way. Many thanks Paul
  7. france79uk

    Tal 2M Clutch

    RE TAL 2M Clutches. Hi guys, does anyone know if the clutches on a Tal 2M are supposed to be greased? Mine are, and adjustment is fairly tight ,but unless scope is perfectly balanced moves out of alignment too easily. Any help appreciated.
  8. Thats interesting, I am a newbie and having problems getting it all squared up, ie when all else is central, one side of the focusing tube appears thicker than the other, wonder if thats the cause of my recently acquired Tal 2 not performing any better than my Tal 1, ie slightly blurred images and not so sharp as the Tal 1 at same mag.? good video link though, thanks. paul
  9. Thanks for that Ed, will try and see if there is one fairly locally.
  10. Bought mine 2nd hand a few months ago and love it. They are well made and highly regarded
  11. Hi All, As a relative newbie hope someone can help out. Bought a used Tal 1 a few months ago just to start with ,and loved it so much, decided to buy a used Tal 2m. Both these scopes are about 10 yrs old and the mirrors look pretty good but not perfect, a few minor very small imperfections. Stripped scopes and cleaned mirrors in correct way and set up again thanks to the many helpful blogs etc . Collimated both using the tiny hole in centre of focusing tube method. On both scopes everything looks spot on and true. Problem is the Tal 1 performs as well if not better the Tal 2m with much sharper and better focused views . On doing a star test both scopes show primary shadow etc dead centre, difference being its blurred and shimmering on the T2 and crystal clear and steady on the T1. Star tests done on same night at same time. On looking at objects about 2 miles away during the day the focus and clarity is excellent and better on the T2, The problem is with astro objects at night. Jupiter would be much sharper and take higher mag with clarity on the T1. From what I have read the collimation on an F8 is not super critical anyway? maybe it points to a mirror problem? the scope was stored under damp conditions formerly so I believe. Would be very grateful for any pointers please. Cheers
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