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  1. Many thanks TheThing, Craterlet worked on a dry-run, and I now feel ready to face the shiny blob ! For others' benefit, I had to disable my Viao's built-in webcam in Device Manager before Craterlet would see/use my NexImage as source, but it certainly did the business afterwards. Didn't try ShapCap, but downloaded it for future reference. Thanks again, and Clear Skies to you. Zad
  2. Hi all, As many others have experienced, Jupiter is a bright shiny blob when viewed through my NexImage. Having read the many wise words here at Stargazers', I've sought to play about with both gamma and brightness...however, I hit a snag in that many of these controls are either greyed, or otherwise unchangeable....I am currently doomed to only see the shiny blob ! I get the same scenario whether I use AmCap or K3CCD, so I'm suspecting a driver issue, yet in all other respects, I've successfully got the Philips driver on Windows 7....this on a Sony Vaio "built for Vista". Have I missed something?...clearly, yes...but what, please folks? Zad
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