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  1. I looked it at the first time yesterday, with a 10mm at 120x. Jupiter was yellow, saw a brown cloudband, and it was amazing.
  2. Hgg, 5230 has a 2-MP camera. Jelaus of that, but it'll work better than my old cam.
  3. Hah, got a few pictures exactly like that on my first day. Suprisingly a week ago. Will try my phone with an actually better camera than my actual camera, which is ridicolous.
  4. Is that a Nokia 5230 Nuron? I have one of those, should try.
  5. Everything went fine, moon was crispy great, jupiter was nice too, not that nice, but I'm on a default 10mm, and it was getting foggy, couldnt get any more views for one simple reason. I think my right nut is frozen.
  6. Well atleast it isn't snowing and I'm used to the cold, not much dedication needed.
  7. Estonia, it's been a tad warmer usually but it's -10 today.
  8. I want to stargaze tonight, but I'm not sure how well my telescope would work in -10 Celcius, i put it out 30 minutes ago to cool down, i'll probably stargaze a lot later since the cooldown time will be huge, but how good will it work in the cold?
  9. Alright. I also need to find myself a proper observing spot.
  10. I only have the money for one of these right now, but I'll get both edventually later. Do I buy an Omegon light pollution filter Or, a Super Plossl 9mm to switch out for my stock Super 10mm? Omegon Light Pollution Filter 1.25 " Teleskop-Service Telescope Service Super Plössl eyepiece 9mm 1.25' If you find a better filter or a better eyepiece, do say. I'm thinking the LP filter, but it says it's best on up to 112mm telescopes.
  11. Well since Orion was up and there was finally a clear night, I decided to take a look. From my 4th floor flat window, open of course, a stock 25mm, and multiple street lights in my face and a tiny bit of fog. I have to say with these conditions even, am NOT dissapoint. It looked nice without averted vision and better with averted, had a hint of green in it. Can't wait for it when I buy a new eyepiece and an light pollution filter and go to a field or somewhere. Speaking of eyepieces, what do you guys think of zoom eyepieces?
  12. Yes, I ordered one in August. It's very good, the 10mm that comes with it is a [removed word] though. I haven't gotten a chance to buy a new one yet. Got some good views although i'm only beginning. A lot of clouds here in Estonia, hoping for my first view of Orion tonight.
  13. Sounds like fun. And on that night i'll spend hours searching.
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