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  1. can someone point me in the direction of a narrowband processing tutoiral, as i plan to do some this winter.
  2. Hello iv been looking to add a really wide angled lens to my collection for milkyway and widefield shots etc? iv seen afew peoples images taken with this lens that look pretty good, is this a good choice? or are there better lenses for the price? It says its an aspherical lens? what is the difference between a spherical lens and an aspherical lens photowise? also i would be using it with a Canon 600D how would the field of view compare with this compared to my canon 18mm-55mm kit lens set at 18mm?
  3. hello i currently have a DMK21AF firewire camera which i use for planetary and lunar/solar imaging, thing is my laptop is getting old and tyred and i have been having to use a plug in bus card to use the camera, i would prefer to use a USB camera and get a better laptop, are the DMK31 and DMK41 cameras considered a good upgrade? or what other options are there? i see the DMK41 are only 10 FPS though?
  4. ok thanks for the info, how much is maxim? i see alot of people using it, is it better as iv just started CCD imaging or would i be better off sticking with photoshop?
  5. how do you resize X2 binned r,g,b images in photoshop to the same size as the Lum? As they are smaller.
  6. What do you think of this deal? have settled on getting the 7nm Ha one, but what about the Oiii and Sii bandpass? are they the most popular? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/narrowband/baader-narrowband-ccd-emission-line-h-alpha-filters-125.html
  7. What would the difference be between a 3nm and 12nm say image wise? Is that the 7nm baader one for about £100?
  8. As above what the best wavelength to go for? When imaging in mono?
  9. Hello iv have a SW120ED and C9.25 the SW120ED is mainly used for deep sky imaging and my plan was to use the C9.25 for planetary and lunar imaging, would i be better just selling the C9.25 and just getting say a X3 and X5 barlow with for use with the sw120ED? as i rarely use the C9.25. what are yours thoughts?
  10. hello iv a friend who iv recently converted to astronomy, is a 150mm dob a good scope to start off with?
  11. Hello iv tried processing this image afew times and for 1h20min of 4 min subs im abit disappointed. I seem to have trouble lifting the data when stretching it? the original tiff file was 70mb. Taken with 450D and sw120ed. Any help appreciated. bodes 1h20 min exposure time.tif
  12. As stated above im looking for a 50ah battery for use out in the field to power my lappy, dew heaters, etc 17ah just isnt enough. Any reccomendations would be welcome.
  13. Hello can anyone recommend a cheap, portable, easy to set up alt az mount that would be suitable for one shot dslr photography of moon and sun etc?
  14. hello im looking for some help, is there anyway of fitting a sky watcher 9x50 finderscope to a megrez 72 so i could use the finderscope to guide? Would the SW finderscope foot fit or be made to fit??
  15. Hello iv just recently started getting guided images, iv used a clip in lp filter when imaging, which cuts out a lot of the light pollution but means i need to expose longer for the same data. Do you think if i remove the lpf My images wil be too washed out to process, should i leave the filter out and process the images to remove the light pollution from them?? Was looking for a heads up on this incase i waste an imaging session?
  16. Ok thanks for the info my worry was it would cause flexure or move slightly whilst guiding, how do you remove the spring loaded pin?
  17. hello i am planning to use an qhy5 to guide through my finderscope is it ok to use the normal bracket that comes with the SW finderscope as there is a spring loaded holding screw on it, if its not what do other people use?
  18. when it says to enter the URL of your image what does that mean? Tried to insert image but im only getting that small square coming up?
  19. Hello can anyone recommend a bag for my heq5 tripod legs as there a pain trying to get them down the stairs to the car! Cheapish if possible.
  20. How much would a 2" diagonal and 2" eyepiece cost 2nd hand? roughly?
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