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  1. that should be good trip down there
  2. Hiddenharry


    hi and welcome to the forum
  3. good point i had never thought of it so they should turn off or even better remove every other street light
  4. Hiddenharry


    hi and welcome, we seem to be in a simalar place with all the rain and clouds its just not fair oh well tonights clear hopefully the clouds won't ruin it
  5. thats really confusing metofor over metofor??? lol
  6. only if we had less light pollution it would be easier to star gaze
  7. buy that scope! there is nothing wrong with buying a scope as a beginar when i started i had a scope im still new to it all and learning more through a scope than a pair of binocolars and to help you, you should buy this book for beginars its easy and i've got it to its called ''turn left at orion'' its very useful
  8. yes i've already got my scope out and really did that all cost under 100 pounds i'm impressed
  9. i think it looks great haven't seen a sun spot that close before!
  10. hi alan and welcome to the forum don't forget to post some pics of the observotory!!!! harry
  11. i can't wait to observe tonight with my new eyepiece :mad:
  12. i am the most happest person on earth, my dad (russ), has just given me my favourite eye piece in the world, (except for the bigger meade eye pieces) it isn't the biggest one in the world but at least i got one my lifes goal is to collect all the meade eyepieces (that are all of the same make) this is my fav eye piece out of my whole astro gear which is 3 plossls, a barlow, a red light, a moon filter, a colour filter, a box to keep it all in, a mount. but thats nothing compared to everyone else (such as my dad:D) but thats all i want to say!!!!!!!!! thanks for reading harry:p P.S. i will upload some pics of it when i have the chance:cool:
  13. i always like getting new gear just waiting until it comes but it kinda gets boring if you have to wait too long
  14. i didn't know their was anything called a packman nebula wow thats a cool name!
  15. its better to look at the sky with your own two eyes than looking at a picture well thats what i think!
  16. clear nights this is what i've been waiting for yipee!
  17. that is a great scope i only got my first scope a thew weeks ago it was amazing looking through it on a cristal clear night but now when ever i try to get my scope out it just clouds over. but great about your scope
  18. your detail on that jupitar sketching is just amazing!
  19. hi and welcome to the forum the scope is really cool
  20. i don't know i'll have to check i will tell you later when i have checked!
  21. its so cruel i really want to get my scope out the forecast says its clear i look out my window (around 8 pm or longer) and the skies are full of clouds! the clouds are mocking us
  22. but the big bang theore i think is a very good idea!
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