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  1. Like the one in this image: - Only problem is, I can't find a place that sells them! Help!
  2. Thanks Blue - if I buy an extension to go between the projection unit and the camera, would I be able to make it work?
  3. This is the precise item I am trying to use: - http://www.scopesnskies.com/prod/60.html
  4. Wow - those are great photos, but I still want to know how I am supposed to use my eyepiece projection unit.... someone must have had success with it!?
  5. I don't really follow what the problem is - that my projection adapter is not long enough? ...but it has a T-ring thread on the top edge for connection to a DSLR? So is it just a useless piece of equipment or is there a way I can actually use it?
  6. Thanks for the reply Merlin - I do have two x2 barlows but only one has the camera adapter thread and neither are brilliant quality ones. I'll have a look at getting a x3 barlow - do you have any recommendations?
  7. I have a Skywatcher 150P with a Canon 550d and usually shoot photos at prime focus. I recently bought an eyepiece projection adapter, planning to use my 32mm eyepiece to get closer views of the moon and planets. When the unit arrived, I found that my 32mm was too wide to fit so I had to use my next lowest magnification eyepiece - my 17mm. Unfortunately, after setting up I found that I can not focus this arrangement as I can not bring my focus forward enough. Is there anything I can do to make eyepiece projection work using my current setup? - Ollie.
  8. Just bought dual axis motors, polar alignment scope and auto-focuser for my skywatcher explorer 150p. (~£180) ......so I thought I'd buy Steve's book (~£20) before I go ever more crazy and buy a DSLR camera. (~£ONE BILLION DOLLARS!!!!!).
  9. I braved the snow tonight. Just got back in about 15 mins ago, saw them both through my 6" for the first time,. There was some atmospheric haze, but I saw saturn, rings clear along with Titan... and Venus, a lovely crescent.... much sharper at lower magnitudes. Brilliant. Well, probably time for bed.
  10. I have just purchased a skywatcher 150p on a eq3-2 and am hoping (someday) to use it for astrophotography; which means I would need a motor drive for the RA. Can you elaborate as to where you have seen these drives for sale, as I cannot find the drive for an eq3-2 by itself on t'internet! Thanks, -Ollie.
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