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  1. Ok you got me I'm actually a time lord! Lol.
  2. Just tried it and got M51, which is pretty cool. Also that it has been 37 years since Star Trek was first aired....which is even cooler. JV
  3. Looks good Andrew.....I've been away so long that I can't believe little Hannah is sitting up!!!! JV
  4. Clever design. Well done. This would be ideal for smaller gardens. JV
  5. Great idea. Hope you have easygoing neighbours. JV
  6. Very nice me old mate...the scopes i beautiful too JV
  7. Those images are just incredible. JV
  8. Swm Mae Harry. Croeso I SGL. They are a great bunch. :hello1: JV
  9. Hope life is getting back to....well you know what I mean. Glad to have you back fella. JV :hello1:
  10. Thanks Mac. The whole push to set up really fasinates me. Yours is excellent, thank you for posting it. How did you work out the "squint"? I assume its on the dovetail bars, I can't imaging the mount head being out. In fact I think I have some machine shims in my late fathers workshop....any use if I can find them? Or will it be a file job? Mind you 0.2 shouldn't really worry you....should it JV
  11. Great report Mac. Did you make your own setting circle, or is it purchased? It really does look like an excellent piece of equipment. Out of further interest, what program do you use on your PDA to get the correct coordinates? JV
  12. Get in line Mark I can't think why anyone would leave their family and friends (and breathable air!) to go to Mars!!! Leave it to the Rovers. JV
  13. Mac.....thats an excellent solution, and a really smart setup. I was just thinking how much easier that kind of setup would be when trying to teach my kids and their friends how to find our galactic wonders. Keep up the good work. BTW is that a William Optics mount head? JV
  14. PANRIFIC Grant!!!! Keep up the good work. JV :wave:
  15. Welcome to SGL. Great site and a clever observatory design. Well done. JV
  16. BIG ROG...............BACK IN BLACK :hello1: Looks great Roger...get posting pics. JV
  17. Thats looking incredible H....I'm quite jealous. Good for you, keep the pics coming. JV
  18. Great post. WDS are a good company. Have used them a few times. See if you can get hold of nylon washers rather than rubber ones. They don't compress as much. JV
  19. Love bubinga, turns beautifully! JV
  20. Love my massive TELRAD Karlo. Because I wear specs I find it easier to use than the finder on my Newt. Makes star hopping easy too. I downloaded some telrad specific starmaps from a link that GIZMO posted a few months ago, makes finding things quite easy. I'll keep searching for the link. JV
  21. To be honest I would be happy with a goto upgrade for my HEQ5 from Steve, and a PST! Neither of which I can afford at the mo! I would also love some time off work and some clear nights.......you never know! JV
  22. Nothing like you guys.....because I try to keep things simple... 1. Can't use the lawn in winter, it is so wet the tripod sinks and so do I! 2. Having to use the deck in winter because of above problem. Anyone setting up on a deck will know that it vibrates like mad, the slightest movement sends the setup into huge spasms......aaarrrrrgggghhhh. 3. Having set up, and used my remote to open the shutter on my cam, and standing really still, because of 1&2 above, only to have the Mrs let the dog out over the decking causing huge amounts of vibration. 4. Wanting desperately to image the Orion Neb before it buggers off again, only to be frustrated by the huge willow trees in the garden, planted to combat the lake that is my lawn in the winter!!! 5. Not having live view on my DSLR, not being able to focus, not getting 'round to making a Hartmann mask so as I can leave it on the front of the scope! 6. Setting up, wonderful clear skies, only to get called out for four hours, then having to dismantle everything when I get home and I'm knackered. JV
  23. That is a massive improvement on an already good image Jon. JV
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