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  1. I would stay away as far as possible from IOptron. I also not a big fan of any Celestron mount. So my choice would be AZ-EQ6. 45lbs capacity. Digital Encoder for manual slewing. Belt driven. Who could ask for more
  2. This is my latest attempt using PS this time
  3. I almost regret buying my Delos because it made all the other eyepieces I own gathering dust.
  4. The Delos series are the best eyepieces I have ever used. That include ES, Nagler and Ethos. They are perfect. I am not the only one who thinks that. One of my buddy sold his whole collection of Ethos and replace them with Delos. They are that good.
  5. It it not better than EQ6 but it can mod to be.
  6. There is always some purist who will try to attack technology as they were attacking their way of life. We should not fear technology. It is there to help us. I don't think I would have learn as much as I do about astronomy if it wasn't for the GOTO. What it does really well is help getting over that usual long learning curve of finding object. Most people get discourage before they even rip of the benefits. I think GOTO is really the best thing that ever happen to our hobby. It open up a brand new world to a group of individuals who wouldn't even bother with it before. Even if you have a GOTO, you still have to learn the sky as it doesn't always work perfectly. It's a time saver and I enjoy my thoroughly.
  7. I had my HEQ5 Pro for 5 years and service me really well. It never let me down. It's a great little mount.
  8. SkySafari has a wifi adapter that works with Mac. You can control your mount without any cable
  9. Thanks for the heads up. It will be mostly with my CCD. I need 57mm of backfocus. I think I got a long enough adapter for that.
  10. I am struggling with the post-processing. I was using Nebulosity for the LRGB composite.
  11. Thank you for posting. This is reassuring. Since not a lot of folk have this scope. I was a little bit worrisome but it looks like I made a good choice. I did not buy any adapter yet. I am waiting for the scope to get here first.
  12. Yep. There is 0 darks, 0 flats in this picture. All done from a yellow zone.
  13. Taken in a yellow zone. 6x120 sec per channel on SBIG STF-8300m through Esprit 80ED/HEQ5 Pro. This is my first composite and first image I completed with my SBIG STF-8300m. It's been a long 2 years of tribulation. One problem after the other but now I got everything working. It's a relief. Now I can concentrate on what matters : capturing photons.
  14. It's an Stellarvue SV100Q without the Stellarvue logo on it. It was definitely cheaper for me to order from Germany than Stellarvue. I got 2 FF camera and the SBIG so I see many nights of imaging in the future. I actually haven't got rid of my Esprit 80ED. I fixed the focuser and I now know that SW was wrong about the backfocus. So if I get the 9mm adapter I need , I can image with both scope simultaneously.
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