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  1. Sorry I have not thanked members for there help. Lawrence was right I use the Atik 428ex only on the C9.25 with hyperstar, I do not like altering this setup . I use my Canon on SW ed80. I have attached a image of the Rosette Nebula I took recently showing why I need a larger field of view. Whilst there loads of objects that fit my fov it would be great to have a greater choice. The idea is to shoot the same object at the same time, so having two fov.
  2. Sorry I have not thanked members for there help.
  3. I have C9.25 with hyperstar and a Atik 428ex, I also have SW ED80 and Canon 1000d on the same mount. My problem is they both give the same FOV. If I was to sell SW ED80 and go for a camera lens to give wide FOV what lens should I go for spending no more than I would get for ED80
  4. I used a modified canon 350d and was very pleased with it, just changed to a canon 1000d for the live view. This I found very good for focusing and getting a accurate sinc.
  5. Here are some the items stollen 2-- canon350d cameras one modified clip filter canon 300mm lens Herschel wedge Canon right anle view finder Tripod and barn door mount selection of adaptors Nagler 12mm eyepeice Yes I was on my way to Heathrow when the items
  6. Yes all my gear. but not very hopeful about insurance. My holiday insurance has give me no cause for hope.
  7. Supposed to be in Arizona Sky Village with a couple of mates but some git stole all my gear passport, money, tickets, imaging equipment including cameras on the morning of departure . My mates have just sent this image back so forgive me if I feel just slightly brassed off.
  8. This was made by some lads we saw at Kelling 2007. A really great bit of kit.
  9. Got this image of the supernova on the 28/8/11. Really bad seeing but got a image with a 4min exposure using a Canon 350d on a SWed80. Not the greatest but it is there.
  10. 69 and and really enjoy our hobby much more than when I first started 40 years ago. We can do so many more things better scopes, better cameras and better results. Also being retired I can lay in after being in the observatory most of the night
  11. HTH Thanks for your help, would the cost of using clear glass plus UR-IR cut filter be around the same cost as using the Baader filter. I will be using the camera only for imaging and will be attached to my scope most of the time.
  12. Iam just having a canon 350d modified for imaging and not sure what to do about the replacement filter. Should I go for Baader filter or plain optical glass. The Baader filter is about £75 making it rather expensive after buying the 350d. Hope you all can help .
  13. Has anybody got any views on the best way to power your telescope and mount when away from mains power.There is a Maplin powertank for £30 on ABS is it worth a punt.
  14. I hAVE a dome in my garden so most of my observing is done there. I belong to SEKAS that is the local society. We use a 12"reflector in a large dome at Monkton nature reserve. We also have a dark site near Wingham. If you want more information please get in touch chris.connolly5@tiscali.co.uk
  15. It is horses for courses, but I will stick to my EQ6 SynScan with 8" sct and Skywatcher 80 ed pro.
  16. Do not knock it, it has got to be better than cooking and buyiny a house in the country and antiques shows.
  17. My first view of Saturn was a long time ago ( 40years ) it was with with a cheap catalogue 60mm refractor out of my bedroom window and then I was hooked. Seen it few times since with better gear but that first time knowing nothing about astronomy and finding it will never be beat.
  18. It has been a good here the last 3 nights. Saturday are local society met using 14 inch dob at a dark site. Had a great night and a long lay in Sunday morning.
  19. Dot likes my hobby as long as she does not have to get envolved. Christmas and birthdays are easy for her, there is always astro gadget I need.I did have a bit of a fight over the positioning of my observatory but now she has flowers growing up it the observatory can stay.
  20. My barn door mount I took with me to Arizona and got this picture. So it is well worth making.
  21. I have a canon 350d is it worth getting it modified for imaging. One of the lads in our society is pretty confident he can do it but obviously with the proviso on my head be it.
  22. Our local society SEKAS went to the RGO last year. A really great day the Harrrison clocks being worth the trip alone. The only downer was some jobsworth stopping us take a group photo with a tripod, no explanation just not allowed.
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