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  1. Hey guys, I just recieved the celestron power tank I ordered a week ago and I just have one question. The manual for it says that I should charge it for 15-20 hours before it's initial use. But when I first powered it up it said that it was fully charged. I just put it on the charger about an hour ago and I was wandering if I should take it off or just leave it on. Any advice?
  2. Well now that that's settled I just need to wait for a clear night. Unfortunately we're supposed to be getting thunderstorms for the next 3 days. Gotta love Pennsylvania!
  3. Thanks everyone. I think I'm going to try the two star method tonight using Arcturus and maybe Dubhe or Mizar. If I do happen to get it aligned tonight I will probably be setting my sights on the Andromeda Galaxy and maybe m13 globular cluster. any suggestions which eyepieces are best for either one?
  4. Brokenparade

    Various pictures

    some pictures of the moon using various filters and a video camera held up to the eyepiece
  5. Hi everybody! I'm very new to the forum and about a month into my first telescope. I've loved astronomy for years and have learned a lot from extended research. But, I never had the cahones (or the cash) to actually splurge on a telescope. But in early July I decided to buy my first telescope, a Celestron Nexstar 6 SE with the "revolutionary" skyalign feature. I also bought the 1.25in eyepiece and filter set. My problem with the telescope is the skyalign feature (or any other type of alignment feature). Over the past month I haven't even been able to get the scope aligned once. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I enter the date, time, daylight savings time, the exact longitude and latitude of my house, and center 3 bright celestial objects in the finder and then the eyepiece and still nothing! I could really use some help. Now don't get me wrong, the optics are GREAT when it comes to the moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn. But because skyalign wont work, Ive pretty much been free-balling it for the past month, just scanning the sky for anything of interest. Ive also been trying to learn the constellations. But so far nothing has caught my attention. I usually use my 32mm eyepiece for scanning the night sky. Any pointers on things I am doing wrong or things I need to buy would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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