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  1. Wow, there are some really good images on here. So I thought I would lower the tone a bit This is my first ever image taken from my CPC800 placed on it's new trusty wedge. I haven't yet got around to performing the PEC and to be honest this was the first time I felt that I got the wedge and alignment set up fairly well. The image was taken on 31st May with the moon still up, at F6.3 using a focal reducer and only consists of 2 images of 90 seconds stacked in DSS (The rest had too much trail). I also took some darks for the first time so these are included. Image was taken using a Canon 35
  2. How has your polar aligning been going? I had a go with my wedge and it seemed to be okay, but when it slewed to find both the first and second star, it was way off. I had to drive it a good 1-2 moon widths on to both of the alignment stars. Checked Daylight saving and it's definitely set to 'on'. The strange thing being, it reports and alignment success and then does actually place the object of choice fairly close to the centre of the eye piece. The problem I then have is that it doesn't stay there for long. It looks like the scope is not tracking it properly. Any ideas what may be caus
  3. Hi Dave, I'll bring my Celestron wedge with me on Wednesday to the club. You can borrow that for a while and see how you get on with it. I've not had much of a chance to use it myself due to either work getting in the way or cloud, so can't give much advice on how good or bad it was. I got it as I found it near impossible to find other wedges that were either available or that didn't require a second mortgage to buy. See you Wednesday Can tell it's been a while since I've been on too ...... everything's changed. Aaron
  4. Hi Alan, welcome to the site. SGL is definitely a great place to get advice .... plenty to go around from my experience.
  5. P.S. Forgot one last thing ...... real names are.... ElijahB: Aaron Bodgeous: Paul Thought it would be a good idea before we get there
  6. Forgot to mention, we're arriving on the Thursday and heading off on Sunday.
  7. My Dad (Bodgeous) and I will be there and looking forward to it. Not only is it our first Star Party but my first camping trip, chaos is likely to follow We're on plot 394..... and no comments on the picture, it's the only one I had to hand (click to enlarge)
  8. Hi Ian, I bought one of those Rebel XT cameras from eBay. It was dispatched from Manchester (if it's the same place the ads you're looking at are sending from). It came in a Canon sealed box as the camera was refurbished by Canon themsleves. The only difference between the 350D and the Rebel XT is thast it's silver and came with a US battery charger. One small trip to Maplin and I got an adapter for about £3 or something. I've been more than happy with it and have not had any problems with it in the slightest. What little pictures I've taken through the scope have been with the DSLR, taking in
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm thinking of getting a CCD imager, at the moment I'm not looking to take hours worth of exposures, but that will be the long term goal as my equipment expands. As things stand, I have a Celestron CPC 800, Laptop running Vista and am looking to buy a wedge in the very near future (recomendations on those gladly accepted too). I'm primarily interested in taking DSO rather than planetary, but will dable with the latter from time to time. Budget wise I have between £200 - £300 max. If anyone wants any further info to help with advice then just let me know. Thanks for all your help.
  10. Thanks for all the info everyone ... all I need now is a clear calm night or a nice large garden (mine unfortunately is ony 7 metres long). Personally I think it would be quicker to move house than wait for a clear calm night at the moment.
  11. Hi Kai, Can't remember what size I used .... which is better, high or low power? Also, percentage wise ... how much of the view in the eyepiece should I expect the concentric circles to be taking up? Cheers again, Elijah
  12. Hi All, I have a Celestron CPC 800 SCT and I'm just curious whether I'm collimating it right. After reading the various material there are 2 ways to do this: 1. Indoors - position yourself several feet away and look directly in to the front of the scope. What I should see is a nice set of concentric circles. If not then play around with the screws on the front until you do. 2. Outdoors - find a nice brights star in the eye piece, de-focus until you see the rings in the unfocussed image and then move the screws on the secondary mirror again until they are all centred. When I upgraded to the goo
  13. Thanks all .... after I saw the results that buried in the picture, I just wish now that a) I'd spent more time taking the images and my Photoshop skills were a lot better. Then I wouldn't need the help to pull out all the detail (as can be seen from the 3rd image). Still, knowing that the detail is in there, I now have some benchmarks to aim for Thanks again...... oh, just had a look at the weather report for the weekend and .................
  14. Hi All, Haven't been on here in a while, new jobs, etc, etc .... won't bore you with all the details. Anyway glad to be back and thought I would post up my first ever attempt at M42. I didn't spend much time on it as I didn't have much .... I'm also typing this at work so I'm relying on memory rather than hard facts... but here goes: The shot was compiled of 8 images of 20 seconds exposure at ISO 1600 (could have been 800 but am fairly certain it wasn't). Camera used was a Canon 350D at Prime focus F10, Scope is a Celestron CPC 800. Stacked the images using RegiStax. Un-Processed Stacked Image
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