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  1. hi and thanks again for the welcome .. yea by what you are all saying I think that's the one I will get :0) I went out last night with my father in laws scope it was a bit cloudy so wasn't expecting much did get a good look at the moon again but I want to see more and I wont be doing that with his scope for sure so as soon as I get the cash I will go get myself a decent one thanks for the advcie I'm sure I will become a regular here a soon as I have my own stuff
  2. thanks .. and thanks time for that software .. just downloaded it and been using it .. it's great .. thanks :0)
  3. Hi thanks for the fast replies and the warm welcome to the forum... yea one of my first plans was to go to the shops tomorrow to by some magazinges to help me along the way. I was reading the thread with the reviews on the sky-watcher Explorer 130 so am definatly considering this as an option My father - in - laws telescope is a (going by the name on the side as he has the manual and things at his home) .. telestar by meade .. I know it also has 2 lenses with it. (edited - just you tubed a telestar by mead and it's NOT the motorised goto one it looks exactly the same without the nifty little
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    Hi I am new to here and new to astronomy.. I am a complete beginner .. my father in law was bought a telescope (I'm not sure of make and model) but due to him moving house he lf a few things at my home .. one being a telescope... I know he got it from argos I got it out yesterday just to look at the moon and was amazed at how clear detail it was .. which set me of with the idea .. I have always loved looking up at the stars but now I want to get one for myself and try to see planets (do you know if I would be able to see planets with this one I was told you can with any home telescope). anywa
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