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  1. Hi Another go in LRGB, slowly getting better I think. Need to find the best way to process these colours, feel the stars are lacking. spend quite a bit on this tonight, scrapped the few few attemps. But the was the best of the night. L=4x600 Liked to of got more. R=5x600 G=5x459 B=5x525 Any tips welcome. thanks for viewing M101 Cropped a little Full Size Image http://petegregastronomy.webspace.virginmedia.com/Galaxies1/M101%20LRGB.jpg Thanks Pete G
  2. Hi Olly Very impressive, I hear it not an easy object to photo. Great image. Pete
  3. Hi all Glad I came across this thread, I wondered if you could stop Maxim from changing filters after each exposure, I also want to refocus on LRGB as I see I'm out of focus on the red filter. Sure I'm out on the others too. Thanks for the info on here. Next time I boot up gonna give it a try, with the weather here I just don't know when that will be. Missing getting out there. Regards Pete G
  4. Hi Martin, Great DSO and you have a Great image, Regards Pete G
  5. Hi Mike That is one cracking Image, well done.. Pete
  6. Hi Anyone know where I can download the software/drivers for the FLI CFW 2-7 Filter wheel, I've looked on the FLI website, it's probably there, just me being blind, could anyone head me in the right direction.. Thanks Pete G
  7. Hi Michael Defraction spikes are natural. I like them that way.. Pete G
  8. Hi Ivan Yes guided with Opticstar P130 cam, with my WO 72 Megrez, I think having a little trouble guiding at times, and still having trouble getting those really round stars, little stretched up in the left. But overall pleased with this one. Main scope OO 8" F4.5 Opticstar DS-145C ICE Main Camera, on loan, sure I'll have to give that back soon, But been nice using it. Like comments on anythink I can do to improve on my images. Regards Pete G
  9. Hi Clear for a change, M33 seemed to be in a good place for me. 110mins. 22x300sec Processed in PS. Comments welcome, always trying to improve, hope a few more managed to get out lastnight. M33 Regards Pete G
  10. Hi Harry I'm trying to decide on what camera to get, I do like the H16 and the Atik 4000, I'm after veiws on both cameras, I've posted this on a few of the other forums to see what response I get, so as you use the H16, what are your views, have you any images posted? both cameras seem to be simular, I do like the heated window on the Atik but I'm still leaning to the H16 for some reason, still after idea's and options, are there other cameras in that price range, like the Sbig, but can't see anything from that price with the same size chip and around the 4 MP. Still learning here. And hi Jerry Yes I was thinking of asking starlight Express, but whether they would I don't know, maybe darks are not that important anyway from what people are saying about dithering. I've too not seen any images either from the new SXVR H16, Thanks for ya time. Pete G
  11. Nice images, Always feels good to get some images to add to ya collection. Pete G
  12. Hi I'm looking for some dark frames, I want to compare the darks between the Atik 4000 and the Newer Starlight Express SXVR H16, anyone out there that can send some fits files and what temp they were taken at. And what they think of those two cameras. Thanks I've now managed to get a fits from the Atik 4000 but still looking for the SXVR H16 Darks. Regards Pete G
  13. Hi Fay That is a really nice image, and you deserve to be pleased, a lot of nice detail there. I also like mono, well done. Pete G
  14. Hi Steve, good to hear from you, and thanks for the welcome Quote "Pete welcome to SGL! your more than welcome to join us and we have set up a black country observing group you can join." How do you join? and how is everyone informed on when observing times are arranged? Do you all just meet at the site or do they meet anywhere else? I know so many questions. hopefully soon the weather will be kinder for us, seems ages since I attempted any kind of imaging or observing. Pete
  15. Hi Michael and everyone else, I live not far from Wolverhampton, and looks like you have quite a gathering that I'd like to be part of the next time you go observing, if thats possible, alway like to meet others in this hobby, especially as I do only know a few in person. Graham from near here has already been in contact and I wanted to introduce myselt too, I have a rough idea when you observe as it's only a couple of miles from where I am. Hope to hear from some of you soon, I'm on a couple of the other forums, just managed to get registered today on this one. I'm into imaging so most of my kit is on a mount, however I have a spare 10" Skywatcher that I'm slowly attempting to turn into a Dob for Observing, once that is working ok I could bring that along. Regards Pete,
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