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  1. Erm...Cor! I'm green with envy Stunning.
  2. Hi all, I decided to spend most of my time this year working on learning to use my rig and equipment properly. I've dedicated lots of nights to guiding, playing with balance, drift alignment etc. In May and June I had a couple of good nights when I decided to try and apply what I'd learnt on IC1396. I've used Ha(7nm) and RGB for this image and applied a deconvolution filter with a few stretches. The post processing is another thing to learn and I have to admit it's fun too. Ha. 160mins. R,G,B 40mins each. 30 Darks (from library), 30 flats each filter. I noticed my focus was out on the RG&am
  3. Wow. What a beautiful, delicate image. I love the detail and the colours. Mark
  4. Hello Jim and welcome to the group
  5. I wonder if the purple spots are there when you take a dark? It might be worth trying an exposure of 60s with the lens cap on and looking for the spots in the result. This would mean that they're on the sensor. Also can you remember what part of the sky/constellations you were shooting? If it's not something on the sensor then we could check out the sky map for your shot. Mark
  6. Hi Sammy, really interesting. This is a silly question but is the purple in the same place on each sub? I downloaded your image a after a massive stretch I can see the purple. Also can you tell us the exposure lengths used? I think you have amazing eyesight to pick out such faint detail! Mark
  7. Forgot to mention that on my birthday my other half order me an Ha 7nm filter. I already had one and after a quick phone call the guys at FLO said "send it back and well send you the OIII you asked for :)". Simply the best service anywhere. Thanks guys.
  8. Hello and welcome to the group from me too
  9. Great image Cat! Nice to see one from you again. I have to say I prefer the summer just because there's slightly less cloud than the winter...
  10. Looking forward to these images Andy! Exciting isn't it!
  11. Hello Andy and welcome to the group and a happy anniversary
  12. M57, IC1396 (and the Elephants trunk), IC5146 (Cocoon), NGC 7129, then work your way around Cygnus.
  13. 120 seconds? You must be light years closer than me! Lovely detail. Cracking image. Mark
  14. That's really fantastic - a really inspiring image. Brilliant. Mark
  15. I keep everything. It's useful for looking back to compare the old subs to new. For example take a look at some old M51 subs and compare them to some taken after May 31st and you'll spot supernova SN 2011dh. How cool is that? Also as TJ says they're good to combine with new subs for a stronger SNR and as Rob says it's taken so long to capture them how can I just dump them?
  16. mark7331


    Hello Dimmy and welcome to the group
  17. Fantastic Kevin. I know what you mean though. Winter has been very frustrating but what a result. Well worth the wait. Mark
  18. Look great Rich. I was wondering if AA5 was worth the upgrade. Looks like it is.
  19. I love this Brent. What a brilliant start. M57 was my first attempt at imaging too ... I remember the smile it put on my face so keep going! Mark
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