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    Hello Kerr and welcome to the group
  2. Lovely image Dave. Brilliant colours and nice faint wisps of nebula.
  3. mark7331


    These images are a record of the progress and change in techniques - fixing problems and getting better hopefully!
  4. Nice remix Neil. Looks beautiful.
  5. Here you go. PHD version is 1.13.0. I have to play with aggression and min motion according to seeing but these have allowed me 10 minute subs so hopefully it's a good place to start from. I get roughly 11-14 steps in both EW and NS calibration but you may need to tweak the calibration step value for your mount. Sometimes, when starting NS calibration, PHD can wait a while to clear the DEC backlash but it gets there. Other times it zips along but that may be because of the way I've slewed to the target (i.e. last move was North rather than South so the backlash has been taken out). Hope
  6. Spikey, I used to mount my old guider in adjustable rings but it introduced flexure and I could never get very good guiding even though I could pick out lots of stars. I have the ST80 in fixed rings and I haven't needed to adjust for a guide star at all where as I usually had to with the old narrower/slower scope. Also, if it helps, I can post my PHD guider settings (calibration etc) for when you start guiding as it took me ages to get the rightish numbers! To take flats I made a circular mask that fits over the end of the OTA (I used some of the packaging that came with the OTA to keep it
  7. I would go for an iridium flare. These can look amazingly bright. At the time (22:24) satellite ERS-2 was travelling from roughly the south to north disappearing over the north horizon at approx 22:28. Cosmos 2084 was moving west to east just above the horizon also. It was due north at 22:21 and shortly afterwards (22:24) roughly north, north east. Either of those could have been the source. Load up Stellarium and enable the satellite plug in and go back to the date/time that you observed the flare. Mark
  8. That's a brilliant start Spikey. The time to set up does come down a bit - I've got it to about an hour now. I've put markers on the mount & saddle plate so I can put things back exactly where I had them to reduce balancing time etc. I think a routine comes to you after you've put it up a few times (if the clouds let you). The image is great and there is more data in there. You've suffered from a bit of vignetting which shows up when you stretch a bit more but you can easily reduce this with flats. I didn't start taking them until a few months ago and I wish I had much sooner. The
  9. I always take my darks with the camera cover on and never in the OTA because I've found that light does get in. Take them on a cloudy evening when you can't image.
  10. Nice heads up on the iPhone app Ivan. Cheers.
  11. Fantastic shot Tim. With no flats or darks! Wow - what a result. Are you planning on a colour version? Mark
  12. I managed to grab a bit of OIII last night for the first time. So I've done some processing and come up with a couple of results through mixing various ratios of the channels. They are both Ha,OIII with a false blue from Ha & OIII. The plan is to do a mosaic of the whole nebula and add some SII (when I can afford the filter! ) Thanks for the comments so far. Cheers Mark
  13. Fantastic image Olly and truly inspiring. I've found this object to be difficult to drag out the detail and I'm amazed at the definition that you've achieved in the dark nebula. Wonderful. Mark
  14. Ivo that is a really beautiful image. Lovely stars and wonderful colour. Mark
  15. Thanks Fay. Yes it really is an interesting subject. Can't wait for some cloudless nights to have a proper go. The dogs name is Bowie. She's 2 and just about as soppy as a dog can be.
  16. Cheers Wp. The image was really just a first light of the ST80. I did a quick process that took about 5 minutes. Didn't bother with much in the way of stretching. I'm going to get the rig to do 15 minute subs and then start work on something like the Pelican as a mosaic. Nice contrast though. Mark
  17. I doesn't really matter which scope you use because you're polar aligning the mount not the scopes. I would just use the finder/guider then you don't have to swap cameras around etc. Mark
  18. I bought an ST80 recently. Had to wait a couple of weeks but they're in stock now with FLO. Their new site has a stock level feature so you can see what's available.
  19. Cheers! Great link. I haven't used my OIII filter yet but, clouds permitting, I will this week. Thanks for the article. Mark
  20. Hey Glider, cool image. I love the colour scheme but can you say how you make the synthetic green? It looks really spooky! Nice one. Mark
  21. Neil I love the pink! I have trouble with getting the colours 'right' when using Ha & RGB. There are so many ways to use it. Some, rather than using it as luminance, combine it with the red channel. Lovely image though & great detail. Mark
  22. Hi Andy and welcome to the group
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