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  1. Hi Uzzi, welcome to SGL and enjoy your scope! Mark
  2. mark7331


    Hi Hallam. Welcome to SGL. Let us know when you get your scope and how you get on with it. There's so much to see! Mark
  3. Fingers crossed for you and Kellie Clint! Looking kinda ok here. Mark
  4. Hi Rhule, welcome to the lounge Mark
  5. The forecast(s) look good and I may have setup my gear a bit. It's cloudy but that's fine. I like setting up
  6. Nice image Johnny, impressive amount of detail. Mark
  7. The EQ6 sounds almost musical - like it's singing (or is that just me) but I've considered fitting a muffler to the Celestron NexStar as it's loud enough to wake the neighbours - 2 doors away
  8. Hi Dan & welcome to SGL. I hope you have more luck tonight but there will be plenty of nice people here waiting to help if you're having problems. Mark
  9. Very impressive Frank. Amazing picture. Mark
  10. Hi and welcome to. SGL George
  11. Hi Harry, welcome to SGL. I hope you have fun at the party. Mark
  12. Hi ScruffyOne, welcome to SGL. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask Have fun. Mark
  13. Don't let the words of the unconverted bother you Paul - they know not what they say Anyway - it looks like a nice little scope. I'm thinking about picking up one myself. Perhaps you could report back your views after your holiday? Have a good time. Clear skies. Mark
  14. I bought some "Optical Engineers Parfocal 1.25" rings" from amazon and adapted an existing EP? They were about £5 for 4 including delivery. I hope this helps. Mark
  15. mark7331


    Hi Connor. Welcome to SGL! Mark
  16. Hi Peter, welcome to the lounge Mark
  17. HI Mike, welcome to SGL. Nice moon shots! Mark
  18. Hi Drew and welcome to SGL. Enjoy your new 200p Mark
  19. mark7331


    Hi Skyguy. Welcome to SGL. Mark
  20. Hi Clint, welcome to SGL. It's great that you are encouraging your daughters interest. Did you get a manual with the scope? If not you can download them from http://www.skywatchertelescope.net Enjoy Mark
  21. That's really cool. I am inspired to have a look myself. Very good.
  22. I have to say Cor! Very nice.
  23. Hi Steaphany, welcome to SGL! What a beautiful photo of the moon. Fantastic Mark
  24. Hi Nick, welcome to the lounge. Clear skies. Mark
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