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  1. Truely awesome Dave. I'm just starting out on AP and this is a real inspiration. Fantastic. Mark
  2. Hi Stinkfoot, welcome to SGL. What do you play - I'm a piano and guitar man myself Clear Skies! Mark
  3. Welcome to SGL ykket - have fun with your scope and don't forget to let us know how you get on. Mark
  4. Hi Jeff, welcome to SGL. Mark
  5. Ron thanks for that. It's all becoming clearer..gradually. Mark
  6. I'm glad to hear that you wouldn't sell your gear - I read your post and felt quite down, though I understood totally. I get pretty tired after a single session and I think it's because it is so exciting. I can't sleep afterwards so I do some processing of images, reorganise my equipment cases (sad I know) even though I should be sleeping. I love this "hobby" although I think it's really a way of life. Clear skies Paul. Have fun on holiday. Mark
  7. Hi all. What temperature should I be cooling my 314L+ to? The manual states that lower than -5c won't show much improvement but how low does it need to be to reduce noise to an acceptable level? Sorry if this is a daft question. Mark
  8. I agree WayBig - the 8" would let you get the extra gear you need - it has a logical upgrade path etc. I got it round the wrong way and bought a 12" because of aperture fever and now I have an 8" with 1/10PV optics on the way from Orion because it's smaller, lighter, easier to setup, the right FR for my needs etc. I love the 12" but it doesn't get as much light as my 6" SCT! Good logic as far as I can say.
  9. Fantastic report Wakey. As newbie says - that's why we do it. And the jumping and shouting in a whisper is kinda normal for us lot! Nice one. Clear skies Mark
  10. Hi Al. Welcome to SGL. Housework vs telescope? I think we know which one wins Let us know how you get on when you get some clear skies. Mark
  11. Hi Ivan, good choice of scope. We all make mistakes with equipment but when you look through your new 200 dob I think you'll be impressed with the difference from the NG76AZ. You may say "Wow!" once or twice Welcome to SGL. Let us know how you get on with the dob. Mark
  12. Ken, John - thanks very much for the info & advice. I'll order the fluid & cloth and have a go. Mark
  13. Hi all. I have a 6" celestron SCT and I've notice that the corrector lens (the bit of glass at the front?) appears to have white streaks on the inside. I've attached an image to show you what I mean. I've upped the levels so the photo shows more clearly. Is this a problem? If so can I repair it or would it be best done buy an expert? Thanks in advance. Mark
  14. Just set up my 300P to go Messier hunting! Only one tiny cloud at the moment (holding breath).
  15. Hi PJW, Welcome to SGL Mark
  16. Great review Paul, I think I will bag one of those! Mark
  17. Welcome to SGL Randoma from me
  18. Hi Chris. Nice setup! Welcome to the lounge. Mark
  19. mark7331

    Hi All

    Hi Andrew. Welcome to the lounge. Mark
  20. To answer the "blue and red" question have a look at this thread:- http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-discussion/110224-blue-edge.html EDIT: Oh and there's nothing to laugh at - your first go is better than mine was! Mark
  21. Oh, yeah - it's 4.01 and I'm reading it!
  22. Everything rotates due to an effect called "the conservation of angular momentum". When the gas in a nebula starts to coallesce into more dense areas (i.e. clump together) they start to rotate (rather like the water going down the plughole). So by the time the gas has become dense enough to form a large body like a star, the body is spinning quite quickly as are more clumps of material that form planets etc. "But why?" you say - well the circular motion is the product of two opposing forces - gravity (pulling in) and radiation (pushing out) from the excited gas - so everything spins. Like
  23. Hi Martin. Welcome to SGL. This is a great place to find the answers you need and really friendly people too. Clear skies! Mark
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