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  1. Hmm. I was about to ask for Olly's autograph but perhaps not!
  2. Hi Leah, welcome to SGL.
  3. I would think the EQ6 is better suited as it would handle the weight better. With your setup you may be under the maximum for the HEQ5 but for imaging the recommenation is no more than half maximum weight if you want smooth guiding. Mark.
  4. Hi Lindsay, welcome to SGL
  5. mark7331


    Welcome to SGL Annthracks
  6. Hey George well done. I just read this post and said "Oh yeah", as I'd read the story yesterday - flicked open the mag and there you were. Good job. Mark EDIT: Your website seems to have been swamped by your public!!
  7. I guess you could say that was "Grace under preasure". It's a lovely image - you have to be pleased wth that. Mark EDIT: If you're interested I just ran an auto-level adjustment in photoshop and it picked up the image detail even more.
  8. Really good to hear you're getting on well. Obsessed - no! Well ok, Yes! Mark
  9. Very nice image. Lots of detail for a single frame. I've (I hope you don't mind) stretch the levels a bit to show the detail for you. Processing can be daunting but there's lots of help on SGL and we've all been there. Mark EDIT: re-saved file so it's smaller!
  10. mark7331


    Hi Chrissy. Welcome to SGL. It'll be good to see your images! Space polo eh - what? with horses?
  11. Dave, Pic 2 looks like it's either way too much gain (can you adjust this?), too long an exposure or dark current thats be amplified by stacking without dark frames. When you next have a session save the original frames and examine each one before any stacking or processing. Then stack & exmine, process & examine - you should then be able to identify where the image problem occurs. That said It does take a while with any setup to work out the best way to capture and process. Keep playing! Mark
  12. John, After lots painfull sessions with this LVI this is what I worked out. On the back page of the manual are a couple of tables showing guide star limits and resolution. This gives you an idea of what a guide scope can do. There's more info inside the manual though about “aggressiveness” - if your guiderscopes focal length is near to the imaging scopes FL then you can use a more MILD aggression and lower auto guide speed – this means the LVI doesn't have to do so many corrections for the mount to guide smoothly. Your Explorer 250 is similar to my setup and I picked the EvoStar120 because
  13. Dave, some questions:- 1) Are you taking matching dark exposures? These, when subtracted from your images, significantly reduce noise. The white outs could be caused by processing the noise as well as the image - we don't want the noise at all. 2) Are you processing a single frame? A single frame will look poor because it doesn't have enough data - stack lots together. My 6SE produces some vignetting and I've found that a reducer increases it. Some flats can remove it or you can use photoshop to reduce the effect. Mark
  14. John, Regarding your LVI problems your guiderscope is, according to the LVI manual, too short a focal length in comparison to your main scope. They say that the guiderscope should be "no less than half of the focal length than that of the main instrument". The Startravel 80 is 400mm FL while the 250 is 1200mm FL. I had a F7.5 600mm guiderscope with an 1500mm imaging scope and it was a real pain. I've switched to an F8.3 1000mm guiderscope and I'm now getting really smooth guiding. I wonder wouldn't you have the same problems with PHD? Just a thought - I may be totally wrong! Mark
  15. The 300P is a really good scope - it is big but with a counterweight extension bar the 4 5kg weights are fine. I can fit it to the scope without help. You need a ladder to use it though Mark
  16. It is, according to the manual, for the optional "Atomic Time Update Module". Sounds fun! Mark
  17. The USB version is available on FLO and I've seen the firewire version in other shops - e.g. Opticstar but if I were you I would contact the guys at FLO - they should be able to help. Mark
  18. Bob I'm impressed. Had a go myself earlier in the week but was beaten off by cloud and mist. You've picked out some beautiful detail in the bubble and lovely, deep, star field behind. Clear nebulosity too. An inspiring image. Mark
  19. Hi Al, Welcome to SGL from another Kent member. Good to have you here. Mark
  20. Welcome to SGL oh EvilOne I hope you enjoy the forum. Mark
  21. Hi Chris, Welcome to SGL. I was hooked by a copy of Astronomy Now that caught my eye in Smiths. Probably the most expensive magazine I've ever bought Have a peek at M57 in Lyra. It's near Vega and pretty much overhead, have a look in Stellarium for it. Enjoy your scope and I wish you clear skies. Mark
  22. Hello and welcome to SGL. Mark
  23. Cloudy in the summer eh? Just like Kent then Welcome to SGL, Astrobits. Mark
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