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  1. Many thanks for the input, and I can confirm that I shall be using Pixinsight. Looks like I can make things most simple for myself by putting the core in one frame.
  2. Greetings all, I am gearing up for a project: an LRGB (poss +HA) of the Andromeda Galaxy. FWIW my gear is: AltairAstro Altair Wave 102 F7 Triplet Atik460 Mono operating in Spain remotely. My question is, for the core of the galaxy I am presumably going to need a shorter exposure than for the rest of the object. How do I accomodate this when doing a mosaic? Would it be best to get the whole core in one frame and use a lower exposure for that. Or if the core is split over more than one frame, with some frames containing Core + outlying areas - how should that be acommodated? I have att
  3. Thanks for that, sorry not to reply sooner, didn't seem to get notification of your message. I intend to get back to tweaking it soon. BTW will be in Warsaw for a conference next month!
  4. Rosette nebula in Hubble palette 45 x 900 sec HA 49 x 900 sec OIII 26 x 900 sec SII Processed in Pixinsight
  5. Call me stupid but I have a feeling either my filters are in the wrong place, or for this data set I missnamed the filename suffix for the filters in my picture taking software (in this case Sequence generator pro). With reference to the attached screen shot: The picture on the left is a very fast process of the tulip nebula with (according to my suffixes and FITS headers) HA as green, Sulfur as Blue and Oxygen as Green. (i.e. sulfur and oxygen are swapped). Image 4 is what I thought was a hubble palette, HA as green, Sulfur red and Oxygen blue) but it is "reversed" according to the hubble
  6. I have starlight express and an off axis guide head, tho' not sure if the latter is what you need. Only problem is that I am out of the country and will be back at the start of October and can take matters forward if you are still in need. Regards
  7. M27 in OIII and HA. Shot with Altair astro 102 F7 Triplet, ATik 460 EX Mono. 34 x 900 secs HA, 58 x 900 s OIII.
  8. Low profile OAG for sale, good condition, very small chip on the prism that does not affect performance. Comes with adapters for guidecam and Canon EOS camera as per photograph - but the latter can be changed for other cameras. I'll confess I can't remember the make but I believe it is this: http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p1188_TS-Off-Axis-Guider-for-EOS-cameras----Length-only-9-mm.html Asking 95 GBP plus 10 GBP P&P - or buyer can collect from Oxford
  9. Starlight Xpress CoStar Autoguider for sale. With cables. Picture attached. Asking for 225 GBP plus P&P at 10 GBP - located in Oxford if you want to collect. Many thanks for looking
  10. Pelican Nebula in SHO, Altair Astro 102 F7 Triplet, Atik 460EX Mono, 32 x 900 secs HA 18 x 900 SII, 20 x OIII. Processed in Pixinsight.
  11. Thanks for the answers, I'm still waiting for the on site people to get back to me (this is a remote set up).
  12. This problem seems to be developing, here are some more subs with this and other artifacts also appearing.... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/h2qzjksydjuh3rn/AACnuNXg3zTpUlDQZ1p7rdSla?dl=0
  13. Thanks for the answers everyone. There is no OAG on this, and it does appear on all the subs, this is not a one off. It just appeared overnight. It seems a bit severe to be a dust bunny... there are other dust bunnies in there but they don't show up under these conditions (this is just an STF stretch in p/i). C
  14. An artifact has started appearing in my subframes. Here is an example of one frame, 900 secs in OIII on the Jellyfish. I have just given it the STF stretch in Pixinsight. I am talking about the dark area at "3 o'clock" on the edge of the frame. It is not like my usuall dust bunnies (of which there are some, but they don't show up under this stretch) My equipment is 102 F7 Triplet, Atik 460 EX Mono and Paramount MX Mount, operated remotely. TIA for any input.
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