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  1. This is exactly the problem with the Big bang theory, everything from nothing. Thats what M theory tries to explain. Well, "nothing" isnt nothing anymore. Some clever physicsist somewhere created a theory and won the nobel prize for it. Nothing is actually filled with virtual particles popping in and out of existence within in very short periods of time. The big bang was just energy, matter was formed from energy, so all you need is energy which can come from virtual particles... Nothing.

    I am glad you are trying to create your own theory but it assumes far too much, it assumes there is another universe it assumes there are pre existing black holes.

    Was the theory ever "everything from nothing"?

    ....or was it more, this is as far back as we can go right now because the 2nd law of thermodynamics explains in a closed system the conventianal laws of physics etc break down.

    Only a matter of time, or perhaps a hadron collider result away.

  2. Im guessing a 6se in the shed.

    The program was ok, I wish they had shown a little more through a scope though, rather than talking about it, I was expecting a number of people up at a number of sites that they could stream to...Perhaps I expected too much?

    Saying that, Im sure it encouraged enough people to get a bit more interested.

  3. I think the main question (for me), regarding Goto is how many hours in a day do you have in astronomy.

    I only have a few hours here and there so for me its a godsend, as I can be up and running (including alignment) in 10 minutes, I can have quick tour of the sky if im pushed for time and see things I would not normally see (due to time restraints trying to find them).

    Contrary to popular opinion, I have found that GoTo DOES help with learning the sky in fact (in my case) its probably even more helpful as the handset read out can confirm I am looking at the right thing without niggling doubts and not being able to ask someone.

    A question you might want to ask about the scope you have in mind, is if it allows you to scan the skys manually, my cpc800 allows me to do it, but ive heard reports that the celestron 8se doesnt, so you have to do the full alignment everytime you set it up. Its only a minor thing but I would imagine it might get a little annoying having to align even when you just fancy a quick glance at the moon.

  4. Seems to work for me - I just save it as an alignment object (see manual on how to do that) and everything else falls into place. After the first 2 or 3 saves it's spot on all the time for observing. But for AP I wouldn't like to say - I think I'd take a bit more care initially when setting up for imaging. :)

    Ill have to give it a try.

  5. To buy a dew shield you are looking at £20

    I made one similar to above with a cheap camping mat £5 and stick back velcro £2

    Make the tube about 2x the length of the scopes aperture. The whole job takes about 3 minutes to make.

    If that doesnt work, you will be looking at dew heaters (from astronomy shops, however you will need a power source to run them), or a small travel hairdryer (also needing a power source). If you go the hairdryer route, remember it just needs a quick blast and try to do it at an angle rather than head onto the glass.

  6. I live in Newport pagnell, I recommend head out to Olney, between Newport and Olney there are plenty of open fields and little villages with village greens if you go hunting around, and as the previous poster suggested woburn would probably be ok. There is also a local meet in bletchley with the mk astronomy society, not that I've visited my self however

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  7. Well you could buya dew shield for £20


    DIY Cheap Dew shield

    Camping mat £5

    stickbacky velcro strip £2

    (from everyones favorite auction store)

    Make a tube thats about twice the length of the scope aperture, velco it up and away you go. It will also help with unwanted light pollution.

  8. Thanks very much for all the advice. I could definitely see more detail last night, but I was out there too long and my scope started getting damp, another problem that's new to me, dew.

    DIY Cheap Dew shield

    Camping mat £5

    stickbacky velcro strip £2

    (from everyones favorite auction store)

    Make a tube thats about twice the length of the scope aperture, velco it up and away you go. It will also help with unwanted light pollution.

  9. Hi Mate, well done on the purchase, I have the 800, once you get the hang of it, its great.

    Im sure you have read all the tips, but if you get any teething probs with the gps, goto, ensure the time zone is correct (default for me was california) and manually do the time yourself if it needs it initall, just to give it a kick in the right direction, once the gps locks on, it fixes the time and away you go..

    also make sure you do the 3 star alingment on 3 stars as wide as you can (180 degrees), in a triangular shape (not a straight line)

    Anyway good luck, its a little overwhelming at first, but you soon pick it up.

    Have fun.

  10. Yes I saw how clear it was....as I drove to work!!!

    Ive spent the last 2 weeks playing hide and seek with Jupiter and the clouds and the 1st night of my night shift, and there it was, it may as well of been sticking two fingers up to me! :D

    ..Your time will come...:)

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