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  1. thats awesome lot of work you put in it payed off
  2. thx she is better now this happend a year ago
  3. sorry to hear that my condolences and thx i think i made the right move too
  4. im not sure what SBIG he has ill ask and get back
  5. my first pic's with a SBIG (my friends ccd) i want one sooooo bad now hope u like
  6. i miss that stand but family first
  7. this was my set up till i had to sell my stand to pay for my mother inlaws med bills
  8. i loved my 1000d it was a awesome cam
  9. found both for $700 each witch one should i get pros and cons of each thx
  10. how do you like your CG5 Mount im looking at it and a cgem
  11. and why would i use a canon over a nikon when nikon has better low light ability.
  12. does anyone use this for astropotography or would anyone recomened it for astropotography and if so does anyone cut the ir on it.
  13. Baader UV/IR filter or Astronomik Multi-Coated Clear Glass Filter - "Full Spectrum" this guy will do it for $210 shiped but what do i get
  14. compared to what i have seen from you guys it sucks but i like it
  15. some pix just started playing with my new cgem mount and a 1000d and a celestron super c 8
  16. single shots with a 1000d canon and a 8" scope
  17. I really want it and it would help my photos the tracking is really good and its simple to setup. I'm having a hard time saving for it. its over what I wanted to spend but its soooooooooooo awesome!!!!! I got $300 so far and a long way to go. so what do you guys think of the cgem stand? I want input it will be helpful. I'm looking for a goto. Has the ability to have gps or has gps and under $2000 must be able to hold a 8" scope.
  18. I used a canon 1000 d and a celestron super c 8 plus
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