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  1. i did a bit of tinkering too, just turned it down a bit and a little sharpness added
  2. it looks ok but still a bit yellowish i did some more tinkering with it to try and get a more grey colour but it didn't turn out as-well as i'd hoped
  3. hi again pibbles i made a bit of an adjustment to your latest photo i was able to bring down the brightness a bit at the bottom of the pic so the crater is easier to see, i made the adjustments with Preview and iPhoto. hope you like it
  4. hi pibbles, i can't remember the exact settings i used, but, the programs i used were preview, iPhoto and Aperture 3 in mac os x
  5. it was my pleasure, you can send me all photos you want, i have a couple of other photo programs that i need practice with. hopefully i'll be putting up my own pics on here soon too.
  6. hi the program i used was the preview photo thats built into os x to retouch it. it took about 5 mins to retouch, save, reload, retouch again save, then do it again. it was no hassle.
  7. hi i'd nothing to do today so i made some adjustments to your pic it's a nice shot of the moon so i just toned down the colour a bit and sharpened it. hope you don't mind
  8. hey i made a small adjustment to your photo, hope you don't mind
  9. nice shot and congrats on the new baby
  10. welcome to the forum, always good to see other people from Ireland on here
  11. Thanks for all the help guys i got the Stellarium program and saw where jupiter was in the program, i couldn't see it though because it was behind a giant set of trees. Getting past the trees would have involved a climb across a ditch thats covered in nettles and thorn bushes and dead tree branches in the dark and into a muddy field full of cows, i decided it was to risky to my scope, i've only had it a week. i did see some double stars but i'm not sure which ones, they were much better looking than through my binos. i think i did see a meteor as when i was looking through my binos, i saw a streak of light shoot past the lens. i did try to find some Nebulas but by then it was getting late and i was tired so i called it a night. I'm going to spend today looking over the Stellarium program and make note of nebula locations, so i will hopefully see some of them tonight
  12. i've been having problems observing anything other than the moon. i couldn't find any planets so i studied a skychart and made sure i was pointing my scope at mars but all i could see was a reddish dot. i tried my 25mm ep and my 10mm ep that came with it but it was still just a dot so i attached an erecting lens which adds 50% mag and still it was a dot. am i doing something wrong? or do i need to get a smaller mm lens and a barlow? any help will be very, very appreciated, it's really annoying and i really want to see something out there other than the moon.
  13. cyclone

    Hi there!!

    welcome to the forum nice to see another trek fan
  14. cyclone


    welcome to the forum
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