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  1. Hi Steve, I was in a similar situation in that I wanted something light for daylight use and having tried out a few brands in my local outlet I plumped for Nikon Prostaff 7S 10x30, they’re light and very sharp I know that this particular model does not meet your requirements as regards magnification and eye relief but they also do a S7 8x42 which could be worth a look. https://www.nikon.co.uk/en_GB/product/sport-optics/binoculars/prostaff/prostaff-7s-8x42#overview Cheers Neil
  2. Hi M12, My Quantums do not do that, nor do my Apollo's or Hawkes. If it were me I would send them back. Cheers Neil
  3. You could try flight cases from Maplins, they have quite a varied range of different sizes and prices. Cheers Neil
  4. How's about some Duck tape especially designed for astronomers! http://www.ducktapecolours.co.uk/duck-family/galaxy-x/ Cheers Neil
  5. Hi and welcome to SGL. Strathspey Marine, yes a good choice. Their web site seems to be playing up at the moment but don't let that put you off just give them a call, they're good peole to deal with. As others have said, I'd also get a monopod and trigger grip at some stage. Cheers Neil
  6. Hi Ian, I'd be wary of the 25x100 and possibly also the 20x90 not that there's anything wrong with them other than how much the weigh. I had a pair of Apollo 15x85 that weigh in at 4.8 kg which I thought would be fine on decent Manfrotto tripod, 055XPROB tripod and manfrotto 372RC2 head but alas once you get the bins at a decent angle I became slightly dubious about their stability and reached the point where I was hardly using them. In the end I did a swap with a fellow member for some Apollo 10.5x70 which get more use as they are some much lighter and can use them on a monopod or tripod as the mood takes me. Cheers Neil
  7. "or is there worse out there?" quite possibly, a review from Allbinos http://www.allbinos.com/17.1-binoculars_reviews-summary-Steel_ladle_50x50_An_extreme_pair_of_binoculars.html Cheers Neil
  8. My choice of weapon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Giottos-GTMML-3270B-Section-Monopod/dp/B0019K1XYC Cheers Neil
  9. I've done a few afocals with a cheap scope and a point and press, obviously not on par with the Hubble.... http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/76193-more-from-last-night/ Cheers Neil
  10. Mark, I succumbed to the binocular aperture fever and bought the Apollo 15x85, terrific binoculars but they are heavy! I have a manfrotto 055XPROB tripod and manfrotto 372RC2 head neither of which are exactly the cheap end of the market. However, even with a top end tripod and head it’s all still a bit unstable and as a result I was more likely to grab my 15x70 Quantum 4 for a bit of observing, nowhere near the same optical quality but easier to handle. Eventually I decided that they weren’t getting any use at all which is sad so I put them up for sale on SGL and did a swap for a pair of Apollo 10.5x70 which from a usability point of view are much much better with the same quality optics. The tripod and head easily cope with these and I’ve even invested in a monopod which is so much more portable. So in summary, if I was starting over again I’d go for the Apollo 10.5x70 or 15x70, a monopod and trigger grip over the 15x85. Cheers Neil
  11. "So, should I just treat myself to the Helios Apollo's?" Yes! You'll only regret it if you don't. I went through various binoculars on the basis that I originally thought the Apollo's too expensive, cheapish ones, then some more slightly expensive, then another pair and finally took the plunge. Should have got them in the first place, would have saved myself money in the long run! Cheers Neil
  12. Binocular Astronomy by Craig Crossen and Will Tirion, some excellent sky maps.
  13. Came across this on the web, really is quite awesome http://www.firstmenonthemoon.com/ Cheers Neil
  14. If you can afford to wait a while and save the extra cash I’d recommend doing that. I started out with Nikon Action Ex 10x50, which I still have and I think they’re very good optically and use them as general purpose bins. I then bought some Quantum 4 15x70 on the basis that I couldn’t justify the price of the Apollo’s, but then time moves on, Strathspey 20x90, aperture fever! Sold these, bought some Apollo 15X85, really, really good but a tad heavy so I did a swap with one of the members for a pair of 10.5 x 70 Apollo’s. I’m very pleased with these, I can use then on a monopod with a trigger grip so getting much more use. So with hindsight I could have saved a fair amount of money if I’d gone for the Apollo instead of the Q4 in the first place! So, moral of the story, Summers’s around the corner so observation time is more limited, if you can justify the cost wait a while, I would, otherwise you end up just coming back to where you started ! Cheers Neil
  15. Dave, Have a good read through buying tips and recommendations on http://binocularsky.com/binoc_choosing.php, it's full of very useful information. Cheers Neil
  16. Thanks to the ever helpful posts from Tetenterre I thought I’d give a monopod a try and went for a Giottos MML3270B. What a great piece of kit, very well built and extremely sturdy, pretty much on par, if not better, with my Manfrotto tripod. Load capacity of 12kg, extends to a height of 167cm which means that when extended I can put the tripod foot a few feet in front of me and get higher angles within putting extra strain on the trigger head. As for the trigger head I went for an Olivon due to the good reviews that I found on the net, plus it’s rated for 6kg. I’ve tested this set up with my Quantum 4’s and it’s all very stable and usable, it’s not suitable for my Apollo 15x85 as they’re far too heavy, just waiting for FLO to get some Apollo 15x70 in...... Cheers Neil
  17. I'd agree with this, I've the 15x85, couldn't get hold of the 22x85, plus I also have some 15x70 Qauntum 4's. The Apollo's are far superior and well worth the additional cost in my view. Cheers Neil
  18. I wouldn't worry about the build quality of the bins, I've a pair of the 15x85 and they are very good, very well built. My came,via FLO, in a sturdy case, perhaps you just need to get on to them to provide a decent case or pop into Maplins, or equivalent,and pick up a padded flight case. Cheers Neil
  19. I had a pair of the 20x90, would definately recommend them, well worth the money. Cheers Neil
  20. Mark, If you haven't aleady done so check out http://binocularsky.com/binoc_choosing.php Cheers Neil
  21. Thanks guys, I rather suspected a "misguidance" on the sellers behalf though thought it worth checking with those more knowledgeable members. Cheers Neil
  22. There’s a nice looking pair of 100m 45degree bins on the bay at the moment, I’m not posting a link as last time someone moaned that they’d been watching an item and I alerted the whole world to it! And no I’m not looking to buy myself, I’ve already got four pairs of bins which is two pairs too many must downsize... Anyway, back on thread, said bins weigh in at 6kg, there on a head that takes 6kg and the seller advises “and in any case, as per normal with Manfrotto heads, they will cope well with over the stated carry weight” Is he “in the know” or just slightly misguided, do Manfrotto's regularly take “well over the stated carry weight ? Cheers Neil
  23. Hi Donaldo, If your after a PC based one, the Virtual Moon Atlas is pretty good and free http://ap-i.net/avl/en/start Cheers Neil
  24. Louise, Yes, you can get some good pics with a point and press just by holding it up to the eyepiece, this was taken in such a manner. http://stargazerslounge.com/gallery/image/5019-dscn0528f/ . Getting the camera lined up just right is a bit fiddly, I used on of these from FLO http://www.firstlightoptics.com/adaptors/baader-microstage-clickstop-digital-camera-adapter.html. It can be frustrating but ultimately rewarding. Cheers Neil
  25. Steve, The 15x85 are certainly good, I have a pair of these and I'm very pleased with them. One thing you may wish to consider is the difference in weight and hence a stable enough tripod to hold them steady. The 15x7o are only 2.5kg where as the 15x85 are 4.8kg, I think I spent more on a Manfrotto tripod and head than the bins actually cost. Cheers Neil
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