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  1. Really don't think you need to be hard on yourself about this at all! - I think I'd be very proud of myself if I ever managed to produce anything this good!
  2. Had a pair of these in my stocking for Xmas and had only a couple of minutes of clear sky last night in which to test them... Was really pleased with them and had a chance to pick out m42, pleiades, jupiter etc to show my brother who was subsequently blown away. Good optics for the price. May be could do with softer eyepiece 'guards' for comfort. Also being from the west country my interpupillary distance is probably a bit less than average ? so it feels a tiny bit tight between the eyepieces for me. Otherwise, build quality feels sturdy and covers for the optics fit nicely too. On the whole am delighted with them ?!
  3. My kind mother brought this book for me for Xmas and I just have to say that it is a fantastic book! So I thought I'd add two pennies worth to this thread...! Do not hesitate to buy this book. It reads very easily, it doesn't repeat itself and is very concise and clear. There is always the right figure, image or graph in the right place when it's needed to complement the text. It doesn't insist that you need to spend £5k just to get started - i think it's going to save me lots of money! Finally, there is just a wealth of useful information. Absolutely brilliant.
  4. We used kaufman's 'universe' on my physics course... http://amazon.co.uk/dp/142923153X
  5. I'm afraid I can't see anything either (i'm using tapatalk to browse the forum).
  6. Hi nshotter, welcome to the forum. I agree with the suggestion about binoculars- they're pretty much all I've used on any regular basis over the years. A neighbour did donate an old scope to me once but the mount was such poor quality and shook so much that it drove me bonkers! I gave up using it in the end. By the way I don't think ronin was suggesting the way you phrased your questions was terrible rather that he was sympathising with your plight and the reasons for your tight budget. Good luck with your new hobby :-)
  7. Great place for clear skies! Welcome!
  8. Ah, ok thanks. Automated focus sounds good... I've been struggling to see objects on my display on the back of the camera when using live view. Think I already need some micropore tape for my 17-85mm lens that came with the camera! Also what does someone mean when they talk about 'fast optics/lens'? Does a fast lens have a low focal ratio?
  9. Thanks - sounds encouraging...! Btw what does FWHM mean?
  10. Hi, I was wondering how limited I would be if I used a 300mm telephoto for astrophotography to start off with (attached to a canon 40d)? Am I right in thinking it would be ok for imaging wide field objects, e.g., nebula and clusters but no good for (much deeper) deep sky objects, planetary or lunar photos? I think I read somewhere that a 300mm focal length is just below the cusp where I would need more advanced tracking (than an astrotrac say) to get good images? Thanks in advance for any help, Barney
  11. Lovely clear site - will be useful for me as I'm hoping for some binos in my stocking!
  12. I'm hoping for these in my stocking ? http://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-binoculars/celestron-nature-10x50-binocular.html
  13. 3 years and no neutrinos - that's patience!
  14. Thank you all for the warm welcome - much appreciated! --- I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=50.298585,-4.901006
  15. Just taking my first step on to the forum, although I have been browsing it for a little while! I'm based down in the heart of Cornwall and have been star gazing since my teens (a little while ago now!). I studied physics at college and took the astrophysics option but can't remember a lot about it any more! Hopefully, with time, I'll pick up some of it again. A few summers ago I was messing around with an old refractor donated to me by an elderly neighbour and managed to hit Jupiter and track it along with 5 of it's moons (it was pure luck!). It blew me away. I purchased a Canon 40D not long after seeing Jupiter and had the aim of building an imaging set-up but for various reasons it didn't happen! (Finance being one!) So... my initial plan is to put together a relatively low cost (hmmm?!), portable imaging rig so I can zip round Cornwall and take some wide-field images, nightscapes, star trails and moon shots etc. just to prove how spectacular the county is at night! We'll have to see what happens after that! I look forward to joining the community!
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