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About Me

12.5 " f/4.8 dob; 10" f/5 dob signed by John Dobson

150mm f/6 Intes MN-61 Maksutov-Newtonian

80mm f/7.5 TMB Super-Apo; 80mm Orion short tube refractor

114mm f/8 Meade 4450 

Full set of Panoptic eyepieces; Zeiss Abbe Ortho 2 eyepieces, UO Abbe Ortho eyepieces except 5mm, Docter 16.4mm Super erfles (2); misc other eyepieces picked up over the years.

Daystar Quark prominence model

Losmandy GM811G mount; Celestron SE mount; Old school Japanese GEM on rickety wood tripod



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