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  1. God I wish I could do that but in lincolnshire it is very rare it gets hot. Maybe in the olden days it did LOL.
  2. If that's the case I should easily reach -20c all year round if i wanted
  3. Thanks for the input Olly. I did some darks last night and was amazed how clear they came out such a difference from DSLR
  4. I have a starlight xpress trius sx694 and says it will cool to a minimum of -40c below ambient temperature it has a cooler and a cooler fan on the outside.
  5. The only software i have used is APT and is not very expensive with similar features to SGPro
  6. Question for people with CCD's but what default cooling temperature do you keep your camera at all year round. I have been thinking about -15c or -10c or lower if the ambient temperature stays cool enough but being thinking off creating a darks libary for the whole year.
  7. Ok being Trying SGPRO now that I have a CCD camera and I love the program and all its features, I'm only on a trial at the moment and will be using the lite version for a month or so until I get use to CCD imaging, but it is a outstanding program that I will be buying just it was a little bit cheaper that's my only grip with it.
  8. Tell me about it and at least I can blame you for showing me the wrong picture of your CCD set up I could not stop thinking about it.
  9. Not yet LOL if you do not hear from me again you know why
  10. It is the starlight Xpress Trius SX 694 Hoping to get my family to buy the filters for my wedding present
  11. I'm very pleased to say that I'm buying my first CCD Camera and I'm wanting to know what size filters are best 1.25" or 2" is their any difference. Sorry if this is a very novice question but just need to know quickly as possible.
  12. Just want people's opinion and past experience, but which brand is better in quality and customer service the Atik or Star light Express
  13. Just a very quick thank you to everyone who has help me with my processing and a special thanks to Daniel-K who has helped immensely, I love this hobby and is great to meet new friends to share the passion of this wonderful hobby. So here is the results after everyone help and guidance and road trip has just begun on my learning of processing.
  14. This is a very difficult galaxy to image with a DSLR as it is very faint target
  15. Is this the same grease that astrobaby recommends as I going to be stripping my mount soon following here guide and have purchased this grease
  16. Yeah I want to do images of around ten minutes guided with a c9.25 with F/R but if the alignment is off you get field rotation in the image on the edges of the image
  17. Do you think it is very accurate to do astrophotography.
  18. I was thinking of buying align master software but to be honest I think I would be wasting my money if I have the feature already in the Synscan mount
  19. Hello does anyone use the synscan polar alignment for feature and is it very accurate or just a feature to get rough polar alignment
  20. Reprocessed and Thank you to everyone for the advice
  21. Thanks Olly for the tips I will look into pixinsight for DBE sounds intersting
  22. I have also picked up another 2 galaxy's in the image which are close to M51 in the picture on the left
  23. Thanks for the advice I'm going to be starting from scratch on this one. I have collected more dark files and on my next clear night to catch some more data, I'm wondering to catch some HA data for this if it can be done.
  24. Great start buddy that is a very good start and many more to come I'm sure.
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