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  1. Hey Neil No worries re the focuser, I only mentioned it because I recognised your name, thats the trouble with you being famous on here. I must give the cloud sensor a go, what about a web enabled version so we can all share data on one map? I made up my L293 version of the SGL focuser in a small diecast box (about 3x2x1") as a stanalone unit on some vero, I did the same for the hurried Ascom guider (my parallel port went kaput) and they do not look too bad either, though I need not have rushed given the lack of dark skies at this time of year and the obs build taking up all my time. Good luck with the Baby and enjoy your spare time while you can ;o) Regards Badger
  2. Not sure how to answer all the comments seperatly so will do it all in one. Thanks for all the comments, sorry to dissapoint but no badgers were harmed in the build, you are a blood thirsty lot! I purchased the shed online some 3 years ago (or thereabouts) and it is a cheap overlap design hence the need to line the inside, I thought I would staple some tarpaulin around the inside first before fixing the ply (thanks for the heads up on not using plasterboard. The roof is as I said just jacked up by placing some 1.5X2" battens on the top of the old sides on one half, sounds more complex than it was, I will post some more pics when it progresses. If I had no donor shed to use then I would have made one from scratch with tongue and groove boards and changed the layout somewhat, maybe next time around. I can assure you all that the pictures look better than real life, but as long as it is watertight in a storm (no ingress during that latest bad weather) that is all I care about, the fact it looks just like an old shed may be a plus point. I have worked out that it will save at least an hour each time I wish to use the kit and the warm room will be a real godsend, I will feel so spoilt. The most expensive part is going to be the 3/4 tonne of concrete to bolt the pier to. All I need now is for Niel to rewrite the SGL focuser code to include a dew heater and guider ;o) Thanks all, Badger
  3. Thanks for the thumbs up Kev. Gina the shed was used as a workshop and housed my milling machine till recently, I agree about the cost (circa £350.00 when I purchased it a few years ago) but still much cheaper than a commercial Obs. The mods to the roof cost less than £10.00 as old fence panels donated the wood used to jack the roof up, the other 4 pieces and screws were from B&Q, notice the use of some scrounged fence paint that is a different colour to the rest of the shed (creosote). I will need to buy some ply or plasterboard, but again am hoping to reclaim some used product to keep the cost down, after all in the dark who cares what it looks like ;o)
  4. Here are a few pics of a shed modification into a cheap Obs. Doner shed was a 12x8 partitioned into 2 sections with an old fence panel, roof was jacked up by 2" and slides across the other half. Goes to show that it does not have to cost the earth to get an obs. To do: Make a side entrance to the warm room. DONE. Make a door between the warm room and Obs. Line inside of both sides. Fill the pier hole with concrete. Fit the pier. Cable the pier. Make some wheels for the slide part to make it smoother to operate. Fit the alarm system.
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