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  1. Here´s a sketch of M31 in 15x70 bins under dark skies: Rony's ETX Site : Binocular sketch - M31 - The Andromeda Under brighter skies just imagine it smaller, with the diffuse parts missing. Try downloading the sketch to your computer and lower the gamma a little. Here´s a sketch of the galaxy under more light polluted conditions: http://www.cloudynights.com/ubbthreads/attachments/1310431-m31_andromeda_18Dec06.jpg
  2. ....and the rediculously high EP of 7mm What genius sold you those bins for astronomy ? Do you have another pair ? Using exit pupils that high under moonlit (and/or light polluted) conditions it´s not surprising things get "washed out".... Not that I (as a newbie to this forum) have earned the right to criticise yet, but why do you even bother posting a one line "report" that basically says "Seen nothin" ? Wondering....
  3. Hi All Just added some basic maps to my (link removed - nevermind...) The colour scheme isn´t quite right yet - red stars under red light We´re working on it Just print b/w for now, thanks.... Also, please feel free to comment b+ll++++free constructive criticism. If something is wrong . I would like to know Please excuse the mess on the rest of the page....I´ll get to that soon. Mods: Pls. close
  4. My thanks to you, Sir Knight That´s more like it;)
  5. Hi Paul... ....with what result ? It might help somebody else to write what you learned from disassembly I´m sorry to insist, but there seems to be a somewhat different attitude in this forum as to how to compose helpfull posts. You´re asking for help....no one can help - fair enough.....you then do it by yourself...and don´t come back with the answer. Strange ways, I find Thank you in advance for sharing
  6. Hi Paul... Congratulations on your observing session with the new binos. Next time watch Jupiter last - it makes no sense to darkadapt and then go and look at a planet No wonder you missed M33....it´s a lighthouse:eek: but after watching the gas giant I too would have trouble seeing it. Didn´t try the comet ? Bright and easy in 10x50s and definitely a sight. Thank you for the report
  7. Hm...still no one ? Just got back inside: Seen 103p in both 20x80s (biiiig) and 10x50s (easy, bright with large coma) Quite some fluffy cloud should be an easy target for all bins >10x mag. Didn´t try the 8x56s tonight... Go get it
  8. Well, Sir Knight Kiss the beloved wife, she ment good - and use the 10x25 for hiking or checking when the mail man comes Get a nice pair of 10x50s and a tripod...or the 15x70s mentioned above AND a tripod You will find your observations more relaxing if the binos are mounted. Also, you can reach more and trickier targets - between 10x50s +mount and handheld 15x70s I´d ALLWAYS pick the first option....
  9. Hi All.... It´s the same effect as using a grey filter on the moon. The slight drop in brightness helps me distinguish more detail in bright Jupiter that would otherwise drown in the glare. When watching the gas giant through the 10" I use a grey filter and get better results as I don´t get blinded by the planets brightness....
  10. Uuhm...Luke....M57 is quite obvious in 10x50s.... Not like it´s a breathtaking beauty - but it sure is "there" Just a dot.....but visible !
  11. Hi ZORK If you ever run out of smudges Here´s some more for your viewing pleasure... The page is still PreAlpha as I am working on extending the original list by Karen Pierce, but maybe it will help your observations. I will include basic maps once I get around to it. Please excuse the chaos on the rest of the page - I don´t maintain the english section very well lately
  12. Hi there Try wearing RayBans and watch what happens No Joke....
  13. Hey Chris Wish it was Would mean I had a 25x125 AND lived near the Alps..... The sketch is by german Uwe Glahn - even if you don´t understand german his galery is amazing !
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