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  1. Thanks for the info guys, I'll give Orion a call tomorrow for a chat.
  2. Quick question, does anyone know of a UK based supplier of curved spider vanes (6"). I'm looking for something along the lines of 1800 Destiny's Retrofit 4 Vane spider. 1800 Destiny: Retrofit Curved Vane Spiders
  3. Hi Coffee_Prince, I know how you feel, we both have similar scopes, same eyepieces and the same problem. I'm slowly getting there, but boy is it hard work. I've found that becuase the stock finder magifies by x6, it shows a lot of things that aren't visible to the naked eye; this then confuses me even more and I get totally disorientated. Another cheap solution worth looking into is the addition of a green laser, I purchased a cheap one for £8.50 from Fleabay. I can't afford the mount this month, but fully intend on getting one. At the moment I've attached the laser with two elastic bands in the groove between the finder mount and the focuser. astronomy laser items - Get great deals on Consumer Electronics, Sporting Goods items on eBay UK! It's truly superb, when I've found the object I'm interested in with my eye's, I press the laser button whilst rotating the scope to roughly aline things, then I zero in on the object using my finder - It's so quick, it's made things a lot easier for me. However I can't starhop for love nor money - LOL
  4. I purchased the 'Philips Astro Box' off Fleabay for about £9 inc postage the other month. It's very much a worthwhile purchase, helped me a lot. You get a very good plastic Planisphere, a book entitled "Stargazing with a Telescope" which shows you how to set-up and use the scope, planisphere & star charts. Also another book entitled "Starfinder" which shows the planets, stars & contellations month by month. Finally there's also a large scale fold-out (map sized) Star Chart. philips astro box items - Get great deals on Books, Comics Magazines, Photography items on eBay UK!
  5. Wife helps me move it around, but asking her to help me collimate it - Well...... I may as well go and put I head in the oven - LOL !!!
  6. Hi Mick, I guess the crux of the issue is that I'm find it really hard to do with one useful arm, I'm struggling in aligning my primary mirror. Also I reckon my spider is off centre - The whole process is daunting and is being made more difficult due to my disability. I guess if you tie one of your arms behind your back and try it for yourself you'll understand my problem - LOL.
  7. Hi all, I'm having bit of a mare trying to collimate my 6" SW Skyliner dob, firstly I should point out that I'm a total noob; secondly I'm disabled with limited mobility of my right arm (yep I'm also right handed which doesn't help)- Both are conspiring against me in trying to get my scope collimated 100%. In fact I'm pulling my hair out in total fraustration. Does anyone live near to me at Preston, who would be kind enough to show me the finer points of collimating a scope and give me a hand to sort the issue out? There's a drink or two in it for any kind soul prepared to spare me an hour of there time (A bottle of Scotch or similar).
  8. You can find the collimation instructions here (PDF): http://content.telescope.com/rsc/img/catalog/product/instructions/inst_makcasscollim.pdf
  9. Paul / John, The front lens housing screws off, the rear is held on by the large allen bolts (three smaller one's are for collimation).
  10. The base doesn't sound like it's been assembled correctly to me, you should have a bolt, two washers, a black nylon shim & a nylock nut - Can ¥ou confirm? p.s. milk bottle shim was the best mod to date :-)
  11. Thanks for posting the link, very useful - Currently I have a Silva compass on my base & a Wixley on my OTA, I can see myself spending the weekend of modding my Skyliner!
  12. You'll hopefully find this link helpful: Astro Babys Guide to Collimation Although having the spider visibly contort/bend doesn't sound good, I'm sure other's will be along soon who are in a better position to advise further. Can you advise on make and model ?
  13. Nice work, thanks for posting the photographs - Very useful. I managed to buy myself a Skymax 90 on Fleabay at the weekend for peanuts, complete with aluminium case & tripod etc. I made a clean area in the kitchen this afternoon, and following your post I stripped the Skymax down and gave it a good clean. It was also full of black grease, flaming nightmare to get clean I can tell you! Unfortuntely mine also as a split O Ring, thankfully it's gone back together perfectly and a dab of superglue work a treat for repairing the O Ring. End result - I now have a lovely clean Skymax 90 in perfect condition. Many thanks Mark
  14. Red light torch is a must, also I've found the Wixey digital angle gauge a useful purchase for use with my Dob. Misc’ - Wixey digital angle gauge Mark.
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