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  1. you capture some fantastic images ..words dont even get close to the feeling you get when you see these images, they are mindblowing I take my hat off to you and its a pleasure and privalige to view them.. keep em going..they make my day
  2. those are great images...cant you do something about the cloud base around my house its drivin me nut's!!!!!!!! all the best stu
  3. ahhhh ... thats why now I regret not sitting ham licence used 934 mhz and skip on 28 and lots of shortwave listening but never pushed myself further...mainly because of cliques and too much "I got this and it's better than yours" ... shame i did enjoy playing around with anttenas and learning theory ...but just moved on to other things... music then photography.... now astronomy has taken hold..... the bug has always been with me but never to the degree it has bitten me now.... and me wallet!!!!!! all good stuff and keeps ya mind on the go even if sometimes ya body dont want to play as it did years ago.... take care Stu
  4. interesting stuff Tony ...I have just found a sid.usr file that I did not know was with the software... I am right ( i HOPE) this file once imported could be used for cme and flares ? cheers stu
  5. Thanks Tony ...I will give it another go .. just find the whole thing intersesting ...what anttena do you use ...I think most of my probs stem from that.. is a loop worth trying? many thanks for getting back to me cheers stu
  6. some great images going on as we speak...magic pure magic
  7. cheers Ken... your post got here before i finished my post.... looks very interesting all the best stu
  8. NickH in that sort of set up would not extra heat be generated by magnification before the image hit ha front end ? just a thought ... stu
  9. ohhhh... OK me old playmates ..that seems to answer that one... I dont seem to have much luck on here with any posts I make .. let me just check me old translator clacker valve on the mothership perhaps I have it set to wrong planet..... no all set ok ...lets try this one.... Any of you using or played with Spectrum Lab ... if yes did you get much out of it or have you put it back in the " play latter box! " cheers Stu ( old mutant Alien form planet Jingo)
  10. just thinking aloud here me old playmates... re VLF would the reciever on a metal detector be any use for playing with ? Im not sure on the frequencys they use or the power of them but just thought would just the reciever off a detector be of any use... I can take it if im talking wrap just tell me im stupid....LOL
  11. yet again Pete magic image!!!! cheers stu
  12. interesting shot Pete...just had a peek today and looks like some good images for shots east and west cheers stu
  13. ouchh me old son that must drive you nuts!!!!! stu
  14. im getting more cloudy days than the nights at the mo...byjingo driving me nuts!!! Tallyho me old chaps stu
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