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  1. I'm having some trouble finding the right time to try and observe this.. Am I missing something or are there some very different opinions on when this event occurs? EarthSky says you can see the Lunar X four hours around the first quarter. I saw on another source it was 2 hours before first quarter.. Heavens Above tells me first quarter in my location is around 10:30pm tonight and I live in the UK. So according to the times posted on this thread.. Ive already missed the Lunar X as it was at 0442 this morning.. I'm rather confused. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the help Paulastro John, I had a carbon copy experience of yours.. exactly one minute before the moon was due to touch over the sun's surface and it went behind a dense cloudbank.. from what was a very clear part of the sky.. gutted.
  3. I haven't seen any threads regarding viewing the eclipse from the UK.. It will be only slightly visible before sunset.. and the current forecast for most of the UK looks poor so I can understand a kerbed enthusiasm. Would using paper pinhole projection actually give any image of the eclipse bearing in mind how low down the sun will be?
  4. Brilliant, thanks for that! At some point during the summer I will give it a go then. Would I be right in saying transparency will be a big factor as to whether the star would be visible or not on any given night? And that the transparency would need to be very good.
  5. Good idea, I'll do a bit of testing to find out.
  6. Hi all, I am currently compiling a list of the top 20 brightest stars to give myself an observing challenge over the course of the year, and I am only including stars visible from the UK (specifically in Essex). Its pretty straight forward, apart from that I am questioning whether one star in particular - Shaula in Scorpius (magnitude of 1.6), is going to be possible or not. As far as I can tell the highest altitude it reaches for observation in Essex is 1 degree above the horizon. I understand if it is possible, it would require some amazing conditions to be visible, and I live close to a location with a clear southern horizon, so it wouldn't be a problem if I had to be extremely persistent to see the star. However at only 1 degree above the horizon, I'm wondering if for all the will in the world it will be impossible from the UK. I'd rather not change my list part way through.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, I will give that a go.
  8. Looked like at one stage they might be staying on all night again! More drama than watching Neighbours is this whole street lighting fiasco.
  9. I thought coinciding this years Stargazing Live with an actual astronomy event worked really. Got some enthusiasm building about the show.. and should defiantly be done again. Shame there's not much on the horizon for the upcoming 12 months or so I believe? The lunar eclipse in September is no good.. at least for a live show! The transit of Mercury in May 2016 could certainly be used? That must be a contender.
  10. Massive fan. Being able to see naked eye detail on another world.. the gorgeous red colour at moon rise & moon set.. plane contrails beside a Full Moon.. But then again I'm not at all a 'deep sky observer' so it's never really bothered me that much!
  11. It's one I'll certainly have to wait until we have a good transparent sky for.!
  12. I was wondering if anyone has ever caught a glimpse of the star Menkent, or I suppose indeed any part of the constellation of Centaurus viewed from the UK. I believe it only ever rises about a maximum of 2 degree's above the horizon from the UK and is a mag 2 star. Been wanting to challenge myself in terms of viewing a fairly bright-ish star that is a tricky spot from our location.
  13. Tough spot was Mercury tonight.. just about managed it unaided.. needed Venus though as a marker.. Lovely to see both in the evening twilight though. Brilliant sight they are together.
  14. Thanks for that, very detailed weather forecast as well.
  15. Even at midnight that would have had an effect?
  16. Thanks for those suggestions, will check those out. Don't think very bad (apparently) transparency last night helped much..
  17. Perhaps my expectations of dark skies around Essex are a bit too high! Went to Mersea around midnight, and could only see a faint trace of the milky way.. Think I'm going to be having to travel further afield for anything better!
  18. Slightly off-topic because I'm not referring to a 'site', but I too am on the lookout for a dark site.. only just to view the stars from the car for now.. no serious observing. I live near Colchester, so was thinking of checking out Mersea Island.. a few people suggested it on a thread a few years ago.. thinking with the street lights off now it could be rather good.
  19. It relation to the recent 'heavy' rainfall, the council decided not to turn the lights off. Completely inconsistent turning it off in relation to the weather.. we've had a lot worse since the start of December and they have still been switched it off other days.. don't understand it! The announcement seems to come from a variety of sources as well! I see no Essex County Council source announcing the lights will stay on tonight for example.. it's ridiculous.
  20. Really enjoyed the first two episodes, more than the S@N.
  21. Do continue to keep us updated with anything else more you find.
  22. Saw Venus and Jupiter together on a winter evening when returning home from College. Didn't know what they were at the time, and being so bright and close together I was intrigued to find out! And then..
  23. Made a trip down there the other day, just stopped halfway down Copt. Hall Lane for 10 minutes to have a look out and see how dark it was, no serious observing. Managed to get there at midnight to see the 'switch-off'. Got to say I was hoping to see more stars than I did there.. think really though for any dramatic views of the night sky I'm probably out of luck anywhere in East Anglia. Perhaps if I would have stayed a bit longer and become fully dark adapted I would have seen more, but I think for the view I'm after it isn't no 20-30 minute drive away!
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