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  1. Hi all, I am after a William Optics 6mm SPL eyepiece in good condition. Optical surfaces need to be in excellent condition . Needs to have end caps but not bothered about box. If you have one lying around that is not used much please let me know. A fair price paid !Payment would be by bank transfer . Regards Dave
  2. Hi All, Due to synscan upgrade of my Heq5 mount I have sitting around the original fully functioning non goto drive system . Includes everything . Hand contoller, dual motors, circuit board , gears and power switch casing. No issues all in good working order. Price is a bargain £35 , just gathering dust ! includes first class recorded delivery. Cheers Dave
  3. Hi

    is there any discount for astronomy lovers?


  4. Hi All, I am selling my completely as new Skymax Pro 180 mak Purchased new from FLO 6th Nov last year so just over 4months old. . Bought it on a bit of a whim as had spare cash burning a hole in my pocket and it was one of the few scopes that was in stock briefly at end of last year. Personal circumstances have changed for me and I need to sell. It is completely unblemished and pristine , has been be used twice only and was stunning on binoviewed moon - main purpose I bought it . In fact it is better than new as I have fitted a new Baader clicklock adapter to rear cell to replace visual back. It comes with all original accesories of :- 9x50 RACI finderscope 2" Skywatcher Diagonal original visual back 9mm and 25mm 1.25" eyepieces. I do have all original packaging but sorry will just not risk posting optics, so will be socially distant collection rules permitting. Images show it mounted up with my W/O diagonal that is not included! For any OCD members I would like to point out that if you zoom in on the front facing image you will see a white paint mote at bottom of the image. This is nothing more than a small paint fleck that is trapped at edge of the meniscus when built in the factory. It is not in the optical path as it is between meniscus edge and tube seal . Collimation is excellent and once cooled down gives superb performance. I would just like to say a bit about "Cooldown" with these big Maksutov's. If you store it in a centrally heated house and bring outside then please note it can take 3-4 hr's to give it's best images ! I keep the OTA in an unheated conservatory and It still can be 1-2 hr's before it is in perfect thermal equilibrium and gives very best views. So in reallty an unheated garage/shed/ conservatory or well planned early placement outside is needed. It is definitely not a grab and go scope! They are fantastic performers once in the zone and give excellent views of compact cluster's double stars and lunar/ planetary viewing. Skywatcher price's have recently gone up and that is if you can even get one . I am selling at £690 a fair price I think for what is a new scope. Please no offers as that is it. Collection from Southport in the Northwest. Any questions please ask. I would normally be happy for anyone to pop round and inspect or even view through the scope but unfortunately times are far from normal. Regards Dave
  5. Hi , I am looking for a Skywatcher 180 mak OTA. It needs to have a standard SCT thread on back of cell , so it will be a more recent version. Optics need to be in first class order and in perfect collimation . Not so bothered by tube cosmetics or a little dust on optics . Not in any particular rush but if you are considering selling your's please let me know. Perhaps you are thinking of trying one of the new Lyra Classical Cassegrain scopes and want to sell your Mak ! I can collect if in reasonable distance of North West subject to whatever Covid rules being followed on that day . PM me or drop me a text on <private contact details removed> Regards Dave
  6. Hi, I don't think that is acceptable even though a little dust makes no difference to optical performance it would bug the hell out of me! I don't think it is representtive of what to expect from a premium Skywatcher product from a state of the art optical manufacturing facility(so we are told). regards Dave
  7. Hi all Reduced to £550 ! An absolute bargain . If you want a 12" light bucket what you waiting for ? It's truly an as new scope! I will run ad just a few more days as really wavering on selling at all, I will just put away till dark skies arrive. Cheers Dave
  8. Hi Ron, Nah nothing on the horizon .I still have a nice 5"Apo . I am uncluttering my life a bit . I am happy with occasional short viewing sessions these days and spend most of my time with double stars and lunar onservation . I may spend the proceeds on a new mount although my old non goto (gasp) heq5 still performs well and after 45 years observing I can just about find Polaris ☺. But you cant beat aperture for the showstoppers ! Cheers Dave
  9. HI Sannerz , Sorry for late reply ! No deposit needed . You are welcome to view the scope if you wish. Views are subjective anyway and fainter deep sky objects depend to a great degree on how dark your sky is . You can see some hints of structure and detail in brighter galaxies but as I say depends entirely on your sky conditions . From my suburban garden the views of showcase items like Orion Nebula and globular/open clusters fantastic and can see hint of spiral structure in M51 but most deep sky objects are just brighter and still grey without colour . Unless you go really big on aperture 16" plus faint objects are still just that faint objects.! cheers Dave
  10. Reduced to £590 for SGl only. Will be going on Astrobuysell later today at original price. Regards Dave
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