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  1. I'm biased because I'm a physicist like him but Bryan Fox's Wonders of the Solar System / Universe particularly interested me, deffinetly worth a look
  2. Thanks again for the help guys, Ron - I can imagine it might cause a small problem but because the stars are essentially points of light I think the difference will be negligable, however its deffinetly something ill bring up with my supervisor Callum/Keith - Because the events dont seem to happen that often I am going to try and get as many as possible, so if one of you could post the other event dates in Nov and Dec that would be awesome. I have access to the telescope 24/7 so only problem is when the Suns in the way. Steve
  3. Sorry, only just realised there were other replies, clearly took too long writing mine lol Chris / Freddie - Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunetly the events listed on their page can't be seen from the UK Alan - that is exactly what Im looking for, however accessing the data within is easier said than done. Cant seem to find either a hardcopy or digital version :S Thanks for responding so quickly though Steve
  4. Hi Ron, You're right about it giving the angular diameter (through timing how quickly it disappears behind the moon), but its by studying the diffraction pattern (as the Moon's limb begins to pass in front of the star's disk, it diffracts the light from the star in the same way light is diffracted when it passes through a narrow slit) that we can determine the diameter. Its funny you should mention eclipsing binaries though because that was on the shortlist of projects. Do you have much info on them, as Im sure I could split the focus of the project as it seems the occultations will be few and far between Steve
  5. Hi all, Im currently embarking on my final year project for my physics degree and wanted to do something astro based. With the help of my supervisor I've decided to study 'lunar occultations of stars' and use the diffraction patterns to determine the stella diameters. However, I am struggling to find dates and times of events visable from my location (Southampton, UK) and my supervisor has refused to help me find my targets. The Society for Popular Astronomy website says it welcomes emails from people interested in observing these events (since they only list events involving stars no fainter than mag 6), however they are yet to get back to me. If anyone on here has any helpful information I will be eternally grateful, Steve Edit: I will be using either an 8, 10 or 12" Meade SC depending on the availability, so much fainter stars will be visible than those listed on SPA
  6. Absolutely breathtaking! Unbelieveably jealous of anyone who has seen this
  7. Amazing pic ant! I've been out tonight looking at the Moon through my 6se, but I'd rather sit and look at yours. Great photo
  8. It's worth remebering that the Moon's apparent size in the sky is the reason for total solar elcipses. As the Moon's distance to us increases, these will become a thing of the past since the Moon will seem smaller against the distant Sun
  9. Sorry to hijack the thread but how do you actually manage to power the mount laptop and CCD all off the jumpstarter?? Mine only has 1 cigarette port as the output which connects to my mount. I'd love to get my laptop involved to guide the scope but never managed to do it out of the house because my laptop battery is appalling!!! Cheers, Steve
  10. In response to your point about shooting stars, I can almost guarentee what you actually saw was a satellite. To view a shooting star with the naked eye for 5+ seconds is extremely impressive as they move so damn quickly. To catch 2 in your scope on only your 3rd night out is unbelievable, sorry Steve
  11. Great app. Rated 5 stars Thanks for the link
  12. Hi freddy, Great choice of scope, I have the same one and LOVE it! You should be able to see Jupiters moons with the supplied ep, at least i can?!? I recently asked the same question as you though and finally decided on a televue, they're great quality and reasonably priced. Either a 20mm or 15mm would be a nice addition and if you add to that a Tal 2x barlow available from the site sponsor FLO: Tal you effectively quadroupled your collection for around £100 Hope this helps Steve
  13. Unfortunetly I have never purchased the ep set, but ive seen a number of threads on here regarding them. Some people really rate them and others hate them but unfortunetly I cant comment. Personally id prefer a smaller set of eps that get alot of use because I can almost guarentee you wont like every single one in that set. Televue have some really nice plossls and you could get 3 of them for the same price as the set. I feel you would deffinetly get more joy from looking through a few slightly better eps than a whole set of cheap ones Steve
  14. I have the standard 25mm celestron ep that came with my scope and I have recently purchased the 15mm omni plossl and a 20mm televue plossl, however due to complete cloud cover I havn't had a chance to compare the new epsso can't give you any advice im afraid. Although, if you do choose to go with the omnis, order through FLO and if you use the code "omni" then you get 25% off bringing them down to under £20 Steve
  15. Have you already ordered the scope, because valleyman is selling a basically brand new 5se in the for sale section for £450 so only slightly more expensive than a new 4se
  16. Welcome along Bins are a good idea, but as simms said it wont be long til you want more. I jumped in at the deep end and splashed out on a scope straight off, but it has a GOTO system that automatically points to the targets you want to look at. I'd say it was deffinetly worth the cash, but did cost a few pennies. Another way to learn the sky is with a free program called "Stellarium", its a planetarium software that shows you whats up there at any given time, very useful!! You say you're a graduate of science, what course did you study?? Im currently in my 3rd year of a physics degree Steve
  17. Congratulations on the scope, I have one and love it! As cgarry suggested you will need a power tank to power it since it eats through AA batteries and often has issues with alingnment when these are used Maplins is a good place to get one, something like this will be more than adequate: 3in1 Portable Jumpstarter : InCar Battery Chargers and Compressors : Maplin Hope the skies clear soon (for you and me both) and good luck with the scope
  18. Cheers for the advice guys, i've decided on 15mm Celestron omni plossl (with 25% discount from FLO) and a 20mm TV plossl totaling £85 delivered. Now just gotta wait for the clouds to clear
  19. Personally i'd go for the 6SE (since thats what I did) If your planning on doing some astro photography then the wedge is obviously a selling point BUT for lunar and planetary photography i believe you can achieve this with the standard alt-az mount by stacking lots of short exposure images, and for dso you're going to need a very stable mount (which i don't know if the 5se is stable enough) as well as a larger apeture (the larger the better) Forgive me if I'm wrong, but whether you're planning on observing or imagaing it looks like the 6se is the better choice if you can afford it Good luck, Steve
  20. After reading Lurkers thread discussing everyones favourite eps, it got me thinking that I could do with a new one. Currently I'm using the stock 25mm ep that came with my nexstar 6se and a Tal X2 barlow. Now I know in terms of quality I could do with eventually replacing the 25mm but right now I feel I would benefit more from buying a differnet one and having a varity of focal lengths I am thinking of maybe a wide angle field 10mm, since when used with the barlow it would take this ep to the limit of the scope at 5mm. I have less than £100 to spend but obviously I'd prefer the best possible ep with the most change in my pocket Any thoughts / opinions would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Steve
  21. Me too, positive feedback with a few suggestions for next time. And for those of you who love Coxy (like me) and enjoyed Wonders of the Solar System, I recently found out he will be bringing out a new series called Wonders of the Universe in the spring time, can't wait!!!
  22. Agreed, its amazing how many people believe all the stories about body parts exploding lol Studying physics at uni really opens your eyes to some of the common misconceptions about the Universe Steve
  23. The fact that people still doubt it happpened baffles me!! There are pieces of mirror placed on the moon that we ccan physically reflect light off, and when you recieve the pulse back there is NO doubt!
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