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  1. Hi Paul, Found this review which says 1.25" so you can stop panicking http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-reviews/89169-celestron-travelscope-70-a.html Good luck with the scope and hope you have a great holiday!
  2. A very kind member of this forum had a galileoscope they had finished with and sent it to me free of charge.:) Sam has already had lots of fun with it and my husband and I have also had to take it apart and build it! We are keeping an eye out for the new versions suggested by danieray and also considering the astronomy kit for gcse students. I do keep checking ebay for bargains but I kind of want to get one good enough to use after he has taken apart and put back together again. All for a cheap price. Don't ask for much do I? Thanks for the interest Kieran. From some of your other posts it sou
  3. star girl

    Hi there!!

    Hello Kay and welcome. Good luck with the purchase of your scope.
  4. My husband has bought an ex demo 13mm Televue Ethos so our eyepiece collection is now underway!! I'm thinking of a 35mm Panoptic as these seem to be very highly rated and then a 8/9mm for higher power. Any thoughts on this combination? We will have a bit of time as we need to save up for the next purchase! OzDave - you mentioned a focal reducer. Is this for use with a Skymax 127? What make is it? I have been trying to find out about one for with this scope and haven't had much luck. Thanks.
  5. Hello and welcome Greg and Tom. You are right, the size of telescopes can be a bit of a shock. My husband recently bought a SW200 PDS and when it arrived the first thought was 'where on earth are we going to put it!'. I agree with the majority here and would go with the 8'' rather than 6'' finances and space allowing. You'll only end up wishing for the bigger aperture afterwards. I have a ten year old son who is also very interested in astronomy - its great to share a hobby like this. We can't wait until winter so that he can join us in the cold and dark.
  6. Hello and welcome Peter. I think a lot of members here also post on other forums.
  7. Hello and welcome Sarah. I am new at this too and it seems easy to become hooked. One good suggestion I was given was to see if your local library has any astronomy books - these may give you more of any idea of what you are looking at/for.
  8. We were advised to avoid a set as we would mainly just want to use about three eyepieces and therefore the rest of the set would be a waste. The problem is that we therefore can't try different focal lengths to see which would suit! I am aware that my scope is reasonably forgiving of not-so-good eyepieces but my husband has a SW 200PDS and we want to use the eyepieces for both scopes. We are therefore happy to spend more if we are getting decent eyepieces. TV Ethos - no! but maybe Panoptics/Naglers if they are worth it. Are the Pentax eyepieces similar quality to these?
  9. I haven't had my Skymax 127 very long but have discovered that the eyepieces supplied with it, especially the 10mm, are not particularly good. Anybody got any advice about which brands/focal lengths I should be looking at getting. What are your favourite eyepieces used with this scope? Thanks for your help.
  10. Hello and welcome Mark. I would love to try imaging on the future so am looking forward to your comments on the ccd and seeing your pictures.
  11. star girl

    Another newbie

    Hello and welcome Neil. Good luck with the imaging.
  12. Hello and welcome Paul. Sounds like you got a good deal on your scope. Good luck with the observing - lets hope for some clear skies!
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