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  1. What are the chances of being next to a meteorite when it lands?
  2. It probably was M31, I couldn't make out any detail so couldn't compare it to any pictures, I'm still happy. One down.
  3. I am not sure, With my 26mm EP it was small and faint, almost like a smudge, The surrounding stars were in sharp focus. It was hard to pinpoint exactly where it was due to the LP, Not to worried if I'm wrong, hopefully I'll get a crack at M31 & M33 in better seeing condition's. Do you think it may have been M110?
  4. Right, Yes dew would effect seeing, It takes a while to form on the tube and eyepieces, I had a good 3 to 4 hours the other night with little dew. It can eventually form on the primary mirror. A dew shield and/or heater system helps. Make sure you dry out the scope before putting it away. I put the tripod and scope in the living room, with the scope pointing down( stops anything falling in and damaging the primary mirror) and with the end cover off for a few hours drying time, while i slept.
  5. Hi Trillian, Not sure why you could not see stars but could see the moon, I am going to get a light pollution filter, as I have two street lamps at the fence line of my garden, They are only 15 feet apart? You should have good seeing on the moors.
  6. Thanks guys, Not sure why but last nights light pollution was so bad, usually its fair to good?
  7. I am so hyper at the moment, Set-up scope in back garden at about 10.30, let it cool down till 11, and had a good look at the moon, tried out the 26mm and 10mm eyepieces and 2x Barlow, fantastic views. Aligned mount, Too much light pollution, had a bad time trying to find my way around the sky. I found what I think was Triangulum galaxy while looking for the great nebula in Andromeda. Could not see much detail. Jupiter came into view over the house at about 2.00 trailing Io, Europa and Callisto behind it, what an lovely sight, I could make out Jupiter's bands, I was so excited I almost lost sight when I forgot the keep tracking it.
  8. Yes you can at....Stellarium Have fun.
  9. Welcome, the only advice I can give you is take your time picking a scope and have a hunt for an astro club near you.
  10. Nor can I cousin, About the same time the clouds over devon are due to clear.
  11. Its very dark and damp at the moment, when the clouds do part the seeing is very good, The moon has been fantastic the passed few days, sadly only glimpsed through the cloud. hope you enjoy your holiday.
  12. Bigfootffk

    hi from Texas

    Welcome to SGL, Hope you have clear skies.
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