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  1. my absolute favourite galaxy,thanks for sharing,an amazing amount of galaxies in the back ground!
  2. someones suffering from premature congratulations!!! lol
  3. you know theres other subsctances that are not that legal that can open your pupils and allow you to see things with a lot more "detail" lol:D
  4. I agree with everything that has been stated previously
  5. Welcome to the lounge, I have enough trouble imaging on the relatively stable surface of the earth, god knows how you would even start trying to image whilst dangling from a balloon in the upper atmosphere! Will be following your project with great interest, good luck I think your gonna need it! Lol
  6. wow wish we had teachers like you at my school! it might not have taken me another 20 years to get into astronomy!
  7. Didn't I read somewhere that the iss is passing in front of the moon around 9.30 ish, could be a cool opportunity!
  8. this is 15x1 min subs and 10xdarks the eq5 was struggling in the breeze so im quite happy with the results
  9. starstalker


    From the album: getting better

  10. so they cant just keep boosting it up?
  11. might be a silly question but why does it have to be brought back down at all?
  12. some of the guys over at the shed are getting some really good images with these,and when u think a neximage is about the same price,its really not a bad price
  13. sure it needs collimating? mine didnt when i bought it new
  14. so its not a meteorite ,its a meteorwrong! sorry couldnt resist!
  15. im gonna try and get some decent images of the I.S.S really want to show my 4 year old son.
  16. Don't get me wrong the moon is an amazing sight but believe me there will come a time when u will dread that big cheesy ball coming up over the horizon, specially when your dso hunting etc! Get stellarium downloaded and u will be able to see when the moons up next.
  17. also u probably need two of you to open it up to its full length!
  18. ooh if we are naming obsy's when i do evetually get one ,mine shall be called "THE KACK TELESCOPE" for obvious reasons!
  19. big johnny holmes cos of its length and girth!
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