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  1. I looked at the BBC site Celeste, BBC Weather : Derby If you check the cloud coverage map it shows it as clear this evening.....but I guess that is the BBC......
  2. Hi peeps I notice the forecast tonight is for clear skies till around 3am, is anyone planning a meet up? Cheers Tim
  3. I'd be interested in attending the CC meet. Need to pay my £20 as well so will be a good opportunity.
  4. Hi all. It was taken around 9.15pm ish so would have been after sunset. I guess it could have been a gap in the cloud but the rain and general darkness sort of ruled it out for me at the time.
  5. I've just been to let our dogs out and noticed the overcast sky in a light blue/turquoise colour in the north western sky. Now, a few things: 1) I'm not saying its a UFO or similar 2) It could be something fairly obvious 3) I'm just unsure what it is! The photo is below, best I could get in the short space of time and the light "diminished" within 60seconds of me seeing it. It was quite vivid. Now I orignally suspected a beam of light from the ground, but having zoomed in on the photo I can't see any beam of light in the photo - would this rule it out? I'm sure the answer is pretty obvious, but thought would check with the masses!!! Please dont laugh at me!!
  6. Good news for people in those areas, unfortunately Derbyshire isnt listed :-(
  7. Just had my "love in" with Saturn, even though she's quite low in the sky, she was still bright and clear tonight (even in my small 130p). Beautiful sight, as always.
  8. Been out observing the moon already, seems pretty clear at the moment. Good luck to all observing tonight, hope you get to see what you want to!
  9. Hi, welcome to SGL! Looking forward to seeing some images!
  10. I remember seeing Saturn for the first time, it's certainly a wow moment. And then you keep going back for more!!
  11. Watch Now: Live Feed of Total Lunar Eclipse | Wired Science | Wired.com Working here.
  12. Getting server error on that pal?
  13. Clouds seem to be getting darker...
  14. Radar not looking promising either... UK and Europe Animated Cloud Radar
  15. Cloudy in Derby. Was a few bright clear spells early but its clouded right over now. Disappointing but quite expected.
  16. Fingers crossed for clear skies on this one but looking unlikely for Derby. White cloud according to the BBC. Should be a good specticle for all that get to see it.
  17. I'm assuming that we wont get to see it now from the UK?
  18. Its certainly one of the wow moments in astronomy. My missus still finds it hard to believe what she's actually seeing. Looking forward to Jupiter and its moons again later in the year. Will hopefully have my 200p dob by then!!
  19. Absolutely amazing images. I'd be extremely proud if they were mine.
  20. Hi JD, welcome to SGL!
  21. Damn. Although I think cloud cover may have wrecked any chance of me seeing it.
  22. Partly cloudy here at the moment but the sun is shining through on occasions. Hopefully it will clear further over the next few hours...
  23. timmyp


    Welcome to SGL Dale
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