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  1. Dave, It's a breeze to reclaim the hard drive space, takes all of a few seconds with boot camp assistant! all the best Nick
  2. Go on Per, you know you want one...... :-) I just looked to see if they have narrowband filters yet in 65mm - so far only Ha 5nm at a whopping $3K! The LRGB set is a veritable bargain at "only" $2K. So for a full set of LRGB+NB, will probably be over $10K. If I listen very very carefully, I think I can hear your wallet whimpering all the way from Sweden ;-) All the best Nick
  3. Jaw droopingly good, congrats
  4. Cheers NickK, All clear now, To quote from a very old episode of Minder:- "DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR INSPECTOR???" "Crystal would be opaque in comparison, Sir" All the best Nick
  5. Thanks for all the help everyone, I now understand fully. Much appreciated..... NickK, I am also struggling to understand how your flattener stays fixed relative to the telescope and doesn't move when the focuser is adjusted? This way your flattener to CCD distance would change. Unless of course the telescope is a quad or quintuplet design and the therefore the flattener is incorporated into the telescope? Cheers Nick
  6. Thank you Mark and others, I did contact TS and they sold me an adaptor stating that it 'should reach focus' with my equipment combination. Sadly this is not the case and I do not have enough inward travel. The solution is to get the adaptor machined so that I can place the flattener inside the focus tube and then have my 123mm to the CCD plane. I suppose the question really should have been:- Does the absolute focus point change when you add a flattener to the imaging train versus without a flattener? thanks for getting my head around this..... Nick
  7. I understand the effect of incorrect flattener to CCD chip distances....
  8. This surely refers to the flattener => CCD chip distance, not the position of the flattener in the light cone???
  9. Sorry meant TSFLAT2 and TSFLAT25....
  10. The flattener(s) in question are Teleskop Service TSFLAT2 and TSFLAT2A. They seem to be a "universal design" if thats possible and refer to CCD spacing for different FL / F ratios. They do not specify where in the light cone they should be placed and therefore the question..... hope that clarifies, Nick
  11. That's in essence the question, does moving the reducer up or down the light cone move the final focuser position? Does coma correction change by its location....?
  12. Adaptors can certainly drive you crazy, what problems are you having? It certainly does pay to buy from a vendor that is experienced in imaging and can advise before purchase of the relevant adaptors you may need.....
  13. Surely the firmware would also need to know atmospheric pressure if it was going to compensate for atmospheric refraction?
  14. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could answer a question on flatteners for me.... Obviously the spacing from the rear of the flattener to CCD chip plane is crucial but what is the effect of moving the flattener position in the telescope's light cone? Does it matter if the flattener is placed directly behind the focus drawer tube or actually inside the focus drawer tube? Also does this have an effect on vignetting? Many thanks Nick
  15. The term you want is cable gland, see here:- http://uk.rs-online.com/web/c/cables-wires/cable-glands-strain-relief-grommets/cable-glands/#esid=cl_4294967294,cl_4294958073,cl_4294957667,cl_4294957990,cl_4294959486,cl_4294958335 Hope that helps, Nick
  16. How big is the cable Earl?
  17. In my humble opinion, I would bite the bullet and get into Pixinsight. It runs natively on the Mac and whilst it has a steep learning curve, gives good results for pre and post processing.... hope that helps, Nick
  18. Hi Alexander, wanted to report a bug under Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite using the latest 0.13.1. If you use the mouse to zoom in/out, navigation by mouse stops working irrespective of the configuration menu item 'enable mouse navigation'. If you use the keyboard to zoom in/out rather than mouse, all is well. So mouse/trackpad zoom in/out somehow breaks mouse navigation...... cheers Nick
  19. Very interesting colour rendition, which colour mapping did you use with this? thanks Nick
  20. Hi Gaetano, I have mostly been using windows 7 up until now but plan to go fully Mac one day. The software that I have on the Mac side is:- The Sky X Pro with Camera Add on, EQMac, QSEye (CCD control for QSI), PHD1/2, Nebulosity 3 and AstroIIDC for firewire planetary imaging. Hope that helps, Nick
  21. Absolutely fantastic image Sara, such detail......
  22. Thanks for that Gaetano, turns out I was running an older version of EQMac and by downloading the 1.3.2 beta, it no longer crashes! Still can't believe I didn't check for a all the best Nick
  23. Strangely EQMac is the only application I have found incompatible. Pixinsight, The Sky X Pro and PHD2 all seem to work. Seems pretty a pretty nice upgrade so far and telephone calls from the Mac is handy and cool! Hopefully can properly test all the astro hardware with it soon...... Nick
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