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  1. Hi Michael, Thanks for you reply. The RJ45 end is reserved and my new one has extra black and white. So working one sequence is - R G B Y B While the new working one is - B Y G R Black White To buy a working RJ12 to RJ45 lead for me which colour sequence is reversed, when I was buying one online I do not recall options on colour sequencing - it just said RJ12 to RJ45. Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, I hope this is the correct place for this post. In terms of DIY my post might be stretching it but it the closest section I could think of to post this. I brought a SynScan-Wifi for my GOTO mount for WiFi so I can use my SynScan app rather than the handset. It is a Skywatcher skymax 127 AZ GOTO telescope. The SynScan-Wifi has a socket for a RJ45 while the mount has socket for RJ12. The SynScan-Wifi came with a lead to connect up but the Wifi was intermediate and unusable. So I got rid of that flimsy lead and used the long Spiral coiled handset lead that I already had and I have no problems. But I want to get a shorter lead to avoid wires everywhere. So I brought a 0.25 cm lead but when I connected it up there was no signal no yellow/green data lights flashing. The lead was inexpensive but the right type RJ12 to RJ45. The shorter lead that came with the product was unusable and now I buy a separate lead and it still does not work only the longer handset lead works. To avoid me buying lots of leads to try out does anyone use a short working lead to connect the SynScan-Wifi to their mount or would anyone recommend a quality one to connect the mount to SynScan-wifi. Thanks in advanced Bob
  3. Hi Everyone. Could anyone recommend any dark observing sites near Wolverhampton, Walsall or the west midlands area? Jupiter and Saturn are good in my telescope but there is light pollution and are partly blocked on the horizon. It would be great to pack the scope and drive for 20 mins to a dark site. Thanks bsf
  4. Thanks everyone for the advice. I have a skywatcher mak 127 f12 and would like to take some images through my smartphone, as stated the 40mm is best for afocal photography and the 40mm has a bigger exit pupil which could help. Looking at the pictures above I am looking to get the Vixen, I have celestron and skywatcher eye pieces so it would be good to something different to try.
  5. Thanks for your quick response. I have a 25mm and I am inclined to get the 40mm Vixen, one of the reasons was for a wider field of view but I noticed that it has a shorter field of view than the 30mm which is 50 degrees. The Omni range 32mm and 40mm has 42 degrees. However is there really real practical observing difference? I am having difficultly in getting images on my smart phone through the eyepiece so I am assuming getting a longer focal length and longer eye relief would help. So would the vixen be better for this task?
  6. Hi How does this compare to the 40mm Vixen NPL eyepiece here.
  7. If anyone can get a time at the weekend organised I can would be happy to bring my telescope and binoculars.
  8. Hi, Just to echo some of the replies in this forum, if there is a meeting set up at a place for observations I would love to attend. Although recently the weather has not been the best I would still like to observe the summer sky with my telescope and binoculars. Hope there is enough interest and something is organised soon. Thanks
  9. Hi, Sorry I meant Friday 14th Nov 2014 not the 15th. My sincere apologies on the date. bsf
  10. Hi, On the night of Friday 14/11/2014 between 11:00-12:00 from Wolverhampton, UK, I was observing the Leonids looking North-East. I saw a long meteor, possibly the longest one I have seen. I estimate it to be 25 degrees in angular length. It was more over to my zenith going from East to West. I was interesting because it varied its brightness has it 'streaked' across. Did anyone see this? bsf
  11. Hello, Once again Lidl are doing those binoculars. There is plenty on the forums about these. Possibly may not be top quality but good second pair. However these have variable magnification from 10x to 30x. I am aware that for Astronomy variable magnification should be avoided. However I’m thinking they may be ok has a pair lying around for quick views rather than observations. Cheers Bobby PS; Merry Xmas to all and a happy new year
  12. Hello kalodighi, Sorry for the late response. I have not been on the forum for some weeks. If you go to these posts here. You can see I was going through buying binoculars similar to yours. You can read the kind responses and advice members gave. I suggest you read all the thread. I did buy some for 10x50 for £19.99 from mymemory but it had some collimation issues but company was good about it and I got a refund. Now of course, I may have been unlucky and they have lots of collimated binoculars, they were a cooperative company. They say you will find collimation issues with these price ranges of binoculars. After my refund I got a Meade 10x50 for £28.99 from buzz optics which is part of telescope house. Since they are astronomy based company. But with my luck it had speaks inside. But telescope house were excellent and offered a full refund or replacement. I got a replacement and the binoculars have been excellent. I would recommend telescope house. Since I got them they have gone up a bit in price at £34.99. But I will still recommend buying these from telescope house. Now the link to them is here but there other buzz optics site has free delivery here. Of course you may find your 7dayshop 10x50 ones excellent and collimated. But I will go for Telescope house/buzz optics, they give you lots of advice. I am assuming you are like me and would uses these binoculars mainly. So I will pay a bit first time and go to an astronomy specialist. Hope this helps. Thanks Bob
  13. Hi, They are here; LIDL Has anyone tried these, what do you think? Bob
  14. Hi, After some weeks I'll just wrap up on what binos I have. I got my £19.99 bresser ones refunded because they were not collimated but the company were helpful. I decided to buy some £28.99 Meade 10x50 but this time from buzz optics which is part of telescope house. The pair I got were collimated but I saw spots on the lenses. The company were excellent. They had a look and said it could be some particulate matter or sleek. It was explained that sometimes this was typical of these price range of binoculars for the price. But it did not affect the overall performance. They offered a refund, exchange but recommended other binoculars. I decided to get an exchange. Since they were good to me. And I was going to invest in a new telescopes or bino later and these binos are for fun. The exchange pair I got were perfect. After days of cloudy skies I finally took it out and was excellent. So from my experience; For the beginner when you are buying first binoculars that are at sale price, check them out first. (Of course its always true, the more expensive the better quality they tend to be). Also go to a reputable astronomical company. I went to Buzz optics/telescope house and they were very good, they explained everything to me. I recommend them. Of course the above paragraph is not a revelation, most know this and was written down on the forums. Once again I thank you all for the advice and patient for helping me out. Have a look at; Binoculars | Spotting Scopes | Microscopes | Monoculars |Sport Optics | Bird Watching Telescope House the UK No.1 for Telescopes and Binoculars since 1785 Bob 10x50 Meade.
  15. Hello, There has been some improvement since my last post. Because it was new I followed the instructions to the letter, but by adjusting the way I look down binos and simply moving my eyes away from the eyepieces the double image seems to go. However the instructions didn’t say anything like this, it said if there is double image simply ‘move the axis’, which didn’t work for me. If I look down them normally, then you have problem there. So thought something must be up. Interesting I let my friends and family have a go and the younger ones seem to be ok with them quicker. So I assume its subjective thing rather than the binos themselves. After playing around with them during day, I am now used to just picking them up and looking through them, slightly tilted. Sorry I posted the last post too soon. At the time I read, re-read and followed the instructions. Only when I started 'messing around' and adjusting things myself the double image started to go. At least beginners can learn from my experiences. Next I am going to try out the night sky for the first time. I will now read the separates threads for recommended bino objects that you all have helpfully provided. Once again thanks for all your help on the thread and apologize for that earlier post. Bob
  16. Hello, I have just got the bresser 10x50 for 19.99 from my memory. I was really excited. With my first binos didn’t know you had to do a lot of aligning. I followed their instructions, but i keep getting a double image. I have been following the instruction, been outside and inside adjusting the dioptre, closing my left eye etc. Can someone tell me what things i need to do to get rid of the double vision? Is it a standard beginners mistake i am doing? The double image is clear but annoying. Cheers Bob
  17. Thank You for all your responses. It was most appreciated. I have heeded calls not to buy the cheaper binocular model. On the forums there are people who buy the cheaper LIDL models. Remember I am looking for general inexpensive binoculars. Because later I will invest in either bigger binoculars or a telescope. I have decided to either get the ‘bresser 10x50 High definition’ binoculars that sell for £19.99. You may say thats contradict what I wrote above. But these bresser pair are normally sold for about 30 to 40 pounds and these are on offer. They have been out of stock for weeks and they say new ones will come this Monday coming. The other ones I like to get are the ‘Meade 10x50’ from telescopehouse for £29. From what I can see both pairs have Bak4 optics and are in the 30-40 pounds range. However the Bresser ones are from a non-astronomical internet company. Has anyone tried these bressers? The Meade is from telescopehouse. The difference is £9 pounds. So which one would you buy? Thank You Bob
  18. Hello, I hope someone can advise me on the following. I am familiar with the night sky and would like to get some basic 7x50 or 10x50 binoculars for Astronomy. I would like to take the binoculars out with friends and family. But later on I would like to invest in either bigger binoculars or telescope. I think I am familiar with the basics and workings of binoculars themselves. I now want to spend some cash, so I went online to buy them. But there seems to be a lot of similar binoculars on the market at prices that seem too good to be true. I almost brought some for £14.99. Is this ok? 10x50 Sport Series, £14.99 (was £29.99), says Bak-4 7dayshop.com - Online Store Other binoculars; Adler Optus 10x50 CB porro £19.99 Adler Adler Optus 10x50 CB porro Meade 10x50, £28.99 Meade 10x50 Binocular Special Offer Bresser 10x50 High Definition Binocular (was £59.95), Bak-4 Skyview Optics - Binoculars, Telescopes, Monoculars, Spotters, Scopes and Tripods at Bargain Prices Would anyone recommend these for what I need? Thanks in advanced. Bob
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