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  1. whats the best software for processing images caputed on a webcam for lunar/planetery images? cheers kris
  2. hello and welcome from me too.
  3. and also maybe to get a good book like turn left at orion and a star chart aswell,to help locate spefic targets.
  4. another good scope would be a dob(dobsonian relflector).they are good for most aspects of viewing.if you can squueze abit more in to your budget you get an 8" dob and a 6" are fairly cheap for the appeture too
  5. krs01


    hello and welcome from me too. clear skies
  6. was also my first sight of the perseid,was quite something,spent a good while just looking up and watching the fireworks,counted about 10 in a hour and then the clouds rolled in.
  7. i have the sw 127 skymax,the mount is more of less the same.the nextar is more user friendly than the synscan,have you considered going the the sw 127 on an eq mount.will cost abit more depending on which mount you go for and what your budget allows. kris
  8. hi and welcome to the forum from me too.
  9. hello and welcome from me too.
  10. hello and welcome from me too.
  11. hello and welcome from me too.
  12. which filters are best on the skymak for planetry observation?and what is the best power supply to use? thanks kris
  13. hello star girl and welcome to the forum.
  14. cheers guys will look in to a dew heater when funds approve,what filters would be best?got a moon filter already.and is it cheaper to make a dew shield?
  15. hello hartmann and welcome from me too.
  16. which accessories would be best suited for the sky mak 127? thanks kris
  17. ive got the sw mak and its a fine scope,the only drawback is the synscan alignmennt requires you to know the stars,whislst the nexstar dosent and the moon and brighter planets aswell,hope this helps. kris
  18. eyepiece came this morning,cant wait to try it out. cheers
  19. krs01

    Hi SGL

    hello and welcome Umberto.
  20. krs01

    Greetings all

    hello and welcome back Nikki!
  21. hello jason and welcome to the forum.
  22. hello ian and welcome.enjoy your stay here!
  23. hi nick and welcome to the forum.
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