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  1. Over the moon Here in Chelmsford. Light out from 1st of September :-D
  2. Thinking of Selling a home made 10" Ultra compact Dob

    1. Daniel-K


      pm me pictures

    2. Guy Wells

      Guy Wells

      Homemade? That must have cost a bit?!

  3. Does any body know how often lunar occultations of Jupiter happen. Also if anyone can point me to a list on line of occultations i would be most grateful. Thanks
  4. TELESCOPE SUPPLIERS - SKY-WATCHER TELESCOPE the specifications are down the right side of the page.
  5. Im in Essex. according to Heavens above Ive got 23:04. Fingers crossed X
  6. Skies the limit do another 100degree eyepiece identical to those Orion GiantView but for £200. i would get some of these but im aiming for Naglers as everyone raves about them so they must be good
  7. I think the reason for the orange colour of the trails is its happening at sunset. ive seen similar airplane trails before I also saw a really big amazing fireball (Meteor) when i was I my teens i think it was 1996 or 97 it was on the news the next day. When youve seen a big meteor you know it. In my opinion this is airplane trails. No question in my mind.
  8. Im in the same boat my friend and when it is clear i seem to be to tired from work to get in the garden. We need a holiday with our scopes in atacama desert for a few months.
  9. ohhh thats good to hear thanks Steve. hmmmmm a set of Naglers. yes indeed this is a dribbly dream for me. one day!!! One day!!!! Tmb clones will hafto do for now.
  10. Hi Ive got a home made 10" and a 4.5" reflectors. I love them to bits and have enjoyed hunting out galaxies and nebula and also the moon, sun and planets. Ive never used a Refractor so im thinking one of these but Ive heard alot of people use long focal length reflectors. I reckon i could stretch to £200 - £300 for OTA What do you use? What do you suggest? Thanks Pete
  11. I have bought 7 of the TMB clones they sell (the planetary ones for £36) And im most pleased with them Nice big 58 degree field of view. very compfotable eye relief a pleasure to use and i dont think i will part with them even if i manage to get my dream set of Naglers i will keep hold of these. whats more is they are a pleasure to buy from. Only problem is becouse they are so cheap the hafto keep withing a tax limit so they have closed the online shop for a few weeks. but worth the wait if you ask me. im gonna finish my set of and get the remaining 4 making it a set of 11.
  12. just got a philips spc880nc webcam and adaptor. just wondered whats good IR/UV FILTERS are out there. and at a reasonable price. Is it worth spashing out more money for more expessive one? . Any suggestions?
  13. I reckon they are a group of geostationary satellites in orbit round the earth
  14. Ive been watching The ST80s on Ebay and ABS. and boy do they sell fast.
  15. Sounds great. does anyone use one in a non tracking 10" dob? Does this work?
  16. I managed to track the Iss for about a minute with a 9mm eyepiece so i could see the solar panel and the central part. was buzzing all evening after that. it is amazing how ofter things fly through the field of view.
  17. Heres a post that i posted a while ago on another thread regarding Full apertur solar filters im sure you will get my point Spaceweather is a great site I always check on there before i get the scope out. If theres no spots then i wont go out. I used to observe the sun with a full aperture Solar filter on my 4.5" newtonian. I had some enjoyable sights always struggled to see granulation but got nice views of spots. Being able to push the magnification up quite a bit to see the spots in more detail. kinda like looking at craters on the moon. I eventually made a full aperture Solar filter for my 10" dobsonian. WOW granulation is there cant miss it, its all over the sun. I also can clearly see light vains that surround the sunspots. In my opinion if you have 8" (200mm) use it all. The more apertue you use the more detail you will see. When sun spots are about, with 8" and above, . I think the reason folks say to use a small portion of the apeture on larger scopes is to cut down on the turbulence but in my opinion its not that bad. I find its like viewing detail on saturn or jupiter you wait and watch and at moments the atmospheric turbulence stills. and you get lovely sharp views. If this guy uses full apeture filters then we all should. (In my opinion)
  18. sorry forgot the link. Castell Filters Other Contrast & Deepsky Filters : 365Astronomy: Discovery for every day!
  19. Not used these filters on Lagoon or swan yet as i cant see them from my garden but these are the cheapest Oiii and UHC you can buy. I advice that if you want to get one yu get the 2" ones and get a 2" to 1.25" adaptor with 2" filter thread in the back of the adaptor. this is so you dont hafto keep handlening the filter when you change between 1.25" eyepieces. I found this out after i had purchased the 1.25" filters. Fiddly little things in the dark. As for the Filters they work great. Even on the fainter nebula. I spent so long trying to see the Veil nebula in cygnus. and when i got the Oiii i could see it clearly.
  20. By the way your photos are amazing!
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