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  1. Best scope for under £300 Sky-Watcher Exporer 150PL EQ3-2 Newtonian Reflector Telescope
  2. I have looked through a couple now the best was the Meade series 5000 5 inch and it under a perfect sky and the views were just spectacular ! very flat field and truly pin point stars. So what's your rough price range the meade 5000 5 inch is around the £1700 mark but i would go for a Celestron c11 ota for around the same. price large aperture compact tube not looked though at the sky yet but aperture rules for most cases. cant to better for the price IMO. hope this helps
  3. it seems im just going to have to prove it when i get the chance to use it for the night on the moon and shoot a video
  4. i know what i saw if you get the chance to use a c11 at over 1000x you will change what you think
  5. just worked out its just a tad over 108x per inch ! and i will report back and take a few images
  6. Used a C11 yesterday at my local astro shop during the day to align the finder and managed to get 1191x out of the scope with tolerable dimming and very little image graining or degradation. i used a Meade 4.7 mm with a Celestron ultima Barlow. I was amazed by this cant wait to use it soon on the night sky especially the MOON!
  7. what one is better for astrophotography i know the D3000 has a 10.2 mp CCD but the D3100 has a newer 14.2 mp CMOS. So what do you think
  8. who makes the best quality and what scope would you have ?. For me id love to have the STF MIRAGE 8 (1/6).
  9. it is 9 volt looked today and its in just perfect condition! drive works corrector is immaculate. and i can have it for around £170 maybe less. looks like im going to be putting a deposit down soon
  10. think im going to get it just a matter of the price that i can get what would be a good price if all is well with the scope ?
  11. do you know of an image anywhere showing this ? and the drive is good its never been used but i did test it and it works. There was not even a speck of dust on the corrector. I think i may be able to get hold of it sub £200.
  12. anyone ever looked through a ETX-90RA and if so what's it like for quality?. thinking of getting one for a travel/grab and go
  13. thanks i did a a couple more with colour added
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  15. just did this about an hour ago of Jupiter and first time ever seeing the GRS
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