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  1. Thanks for the reply, guess that it is normal. I did notice that my eyes do get tired after a long time looking, so I shall try and play around slightly with the focus. Thanks again.
  2. I'm not sure what the correct term is for this, and I apologise if this is a stupid question. When I use the Bresser 10x50 bins, I notice that when I focus the bins on a mid-distance object, I find that I don't need to adjust the focus again for further objects. It seems my eyes are compensating for the distances. Is this my eyes focusing automatically and/or getting used to looking through the bins?
  3. It must be terrible if you have expensive gear, I'm truly a beginner so have just a set of 10x50 binos plus I don't even know what I'm looking at when I can see things!! haha
  4. It's really irritating. It will be a great day and then......bang.....clouds at night! This is the cloudiest years I've seen here. Added with the light pollution and you see this strange orange glow reflected off the clouds. Knowing my luck, it clears once I give up and go to bed!
  5. Well, First I got all excited and researched buying a set of binoculars that would help a beginner like me. Found this great site!! Bought the binoculars! Secondly I posted here and got great advice! I downloaded "Stellarium" after advice here. Got it working with help. Fantastic. Thirdly bought a massive tripod. A little overkill, but was cheap at £25. Had one great night where I saw Mars, Venus and Saturn. Amazing. But since then it's been cloudy virtually night. What is going on?! Is it just me? It was great weather before I bought everything!
  6. Bigbear


    Thanks again for the warm welcome. Bought a nice tripod today and it works a treat. Unfortunately it's cloudy and raining tonight!!
  7. Callump: Timezone...thank you. It's working now! I never professed to being great with computers. Back on topic, it is a fantastic programme and I'm really impressed.
  8. Budgie: I have the "System date and time" checked. It is 17: 48pm here in Asia and it is a bright sunny late afternoon. Stellarium however shows a completely dark night sky. Very bizarre. But if I set the time to GMT, then programme shows the correct late afternoon view. I'm not sure why?? Thanks for the help though ^^
  9. I am totally new to astronomy and downloaded the new version. To me works well, except for one small problem: I have set the location to my country which is fine. However when I try to alter the clock and date from GMT it seems to get all confused and shows incorrect day/night phases. For example, if the GMT is 9 am, my location is set in Asia, everything fine, evening daylight shown. If the clock is altered to my local time of 5 pm, then my location starts to show a completely dark sky as if it were midnight. Very strange. I hope I explained that okay. As a program, it is just incredible in that it shows what I should be able to see. I was amazed last night when I used it.
  10. Bigbear


    Brandon of Borg: A massive thank you! Due to the programme I was able to see and name Venus, Mars and Saturn!! Incredible!! Stellarium is set at GMT and shows correct night/day now for my location. Which is strange as I have to mentally add the time difference. Anyway it is working as I was able to identify things. Brilliant. Thanks again to all for the advice and help.
  11. Bigbear


    I will try and find an English copy of the pocket atlas. Have downloaded Stellarium, but the time seems to be out. I have set the time for my location but it shows the sky as being night...which it isn't. When I move the time forward it shows the sun rising and setting at totally the wrong time. Any ideas from people who use this program. The user guide has nothing written about this.
  12. Bigbear


    Brilliant, I will download now and have a browse, thank you.
  13. Bigbear


    My name...haha , it's a long story!
  14. Bigbear


    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome I'm currently reading as much as I can, because to be honest I have no clue what to look at! A few people have said I might not need a tripod, but last night when looking at the moon, I just couldn't stop the shakes! I have the plastic adaptor that came with the Bressers, so will try and find a tall tripod as I'm 6'1''. Just a few more questions: a) Does anyone have any recommendations for what I should look for in a tripod? I will buy one on Saturday and wondered what I should test or look at. Also I have no idea what to look at or where! I was thinking of getting a basic book. A few people here have written about the "Pocket Sky Atlas" by Sky and Telescope. Would this be a good start? c) Will I need a compass too? Sorry for all the questions...just need pointing in the right direction.
  15. Bigbear


    Thanks for the welcome
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